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What is the principle of interpretation of the particle size analyzer?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:56

Particle Size Tester Principle As light travels, the wavefront is limited by pores or particles on a scale equivalent to the wavelength;

The source of each wavefront-limited elementary wave The emission interferes in space to produce diffraction and scattering, and the spatial distribution (angle) of the diffracted and scattered light energy is related to the length d wave of the light wave and the size of the pores or particles.

Using a laser as the light source, when the light is monochromatic light with a certain wavelength, the spatial distribution (angle) of the diffracted and scattered light energy n is only related to the particle size.

For particle cluster diffraction, the number of each level of particles determines the size of the light energy obtained at each specific angle. The report should reflect the abundance ofthe distribution of each level of particles.

According to this idea, a mathematical and physical model can be established to characterize the abundance of particle size and the light energy obtained at each specific angle, and then develop measuring instruments light energy;

From the comparison of light energy measured at a specific angle and the total light energy, the abundance ratio of the corresponding particle size level of the group of particles can be deduced.

The particle size tester adopts wet dispersion technology, mechanical agitation to disperse the sample evenly, and high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to fully disperse the agglomerated particles;

The electromagnetic circulation pump evenly distributes large and small particles throughout the circulation system, thus fundamentally ensuring the reprecise petition of the wide distribution sample test.

The test operation is simple and quick: put on the dispersion medium and the sample to be tested, start the ultrasonic generator to fully disperse the sample;

Then start the circulation pump, the actual testing process only takes a few seconds.

Test results are displayed, printed and saved as a data table of particle size distribution, distribution curve, specific surface, D10, D50, D90, etc.

Rich and intuitive output data:

The software of this instrument can run on various Windows computer platforms and has the characteristics of easy and intuitive operation ;

Not only for samples Perform dynamic detection and have powerful data processing and output functions, users can cChoose and design the most ideal table and graphical output.