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Researchers have developed artificial visual components with illusory functions

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:157

According to the Nikkei Industrial News, a research team at the Japan Institute of Materials Science has developed an artificial visual component with visual illusion function, and used this component to reproduce the human eye's ability to achieve visual perception by emphasizing boundaries such as color and shape. Experimental results have shown that this component can utilize the aforementioned illusion characteristics to emphasize the edges of different parts of image data with varying degrees of brightness.

The mechanism of the developed components is to arrange lithium cobalt oxide sequentially in the lithium phosphorus oxide nitrogen electrolyte, forming a connected structure. Using lithium cobalt oxide as the electrode, an electrical signal is input to it and output through lithium ions. When the voltage input to adjacent electrodes is different, lithium ions will move with exaggerated amplitude.