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Interpretation of relevant principles of induction heaters for bearings

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:129

Induction heaters for bearings are also called bearing heaters. Power frequency induction technology of bearing heaters comes from accidental transformer short circuit;

In an instant, a strong current is generated to release the conversion efficiency heat output of the huge heat principle is close to 100%;

Thus, for a heater equivalent to a small transformer bearing, the requirements for its material of manufacture are very high. The production materials that affect its loss are mainly two parts: the core material and the winding material:

The core material is silicon steel sheet, and the silicon in the steel sheet can reduce its own electrical conductivity and increase Therefore, the quality of the heating element has a great relationship with the quality of the steel sheet in the silicium.

The quality of silicon steel sheets is generally expressed by the magnetic flux density.

The iron core material commonly used to make heaters is generally black iron sheet, its magnetic flux density is 6000-8000, the low magnetic flux density of silicon sheet is 9000-11000, high silicon sheet magnetic flux Density is more than 12000.

The quality of silicon steel sheet also has a considerable relationship with the orientation of the silicon steel sheet.

The winding material is usually made of copper wire, and its loss is represented by the copper loss. For a bearing heater equivalent to a small transformer, the copper loss is greater than the iron loss. Therefore, the copper wire material is best to use high strength polyester enamel wire.nce;

Its resistance value is relatively low, its conductivity is good, and the insulating varnish layer has sufficient resistance Thermal characteristics, so that the heating characteristics wound with enameled wire of high-strength polyester are superior.