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Interpretation of relevant principles and application of infrared oil measuring instrument

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:128

The infrared oil measuring instrument is a detection instrument, which is currently mainly used to monitor water quality and hazardous garbage stains and monitor the process of separating oil and water for multiple purposes.

The following editor will introduce the principle and application scope of the infrared oil measuring instrument.

Traditional composition analysis takes samples first and then measures them qualitatively, which is time-consuming and fails to obtain measurement data in time.

The molecular functional groups of most substances can absorb infrared light, and it is easy to perform qualitative analysis and quantitative calculation of internal components using absorption and spectral energy conversion.

This is the basic principle of the infrared oil measuring instrument, which uses theinfrared spectrophotometry to measure the spectrum of the sample;

can display and print sample spectrum and wavDigital absorption peak position and infrared oil meter can quickly and accurately measure the entire content of the concentration of oil in the water body.

Infrared oil measuring instrument is not only suitable for surface water, ground water, sea water, domestic water and industrial waste water and d other water bodies and soils, such as petroleum (mineral oil), animals and vegetables oil and total oil content. It is also the instrument recommended by the national standard for checking the oil content of fumes (cooking fumes).

In addition, the infrared oil measuring instrument can also be used for the detection of the purity of organic reagents and the measurement of the total amount and the amountof organic substances containing various C-H bonds.

Infrared Oil Dipstick is precision oil measuring equipment. The infrared oil dipstick has the advantages of portability, advanced structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, etc. as loved by people in related fields.

The infrared oil gauge adopts the design of mechanical and electrical integration. The case, optical components and parts of the mechanical movement are all molded and die-cast. The infrared oil dipstick works for a long time without drifting.

The infrared oil dipstick is suitable for testing large quantities of samples and can be connected to a computer or used alone.

The infrared oil measuring instrument can be widely used in environmental monitoring of national environmental protection department and pet departments.role, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, etc. It is a special instrument completely corresponding to the national standard.

Normal operating environment conditions for infrared oil meter:

Ambient temperature 10℃~35℃, relative humidity not exceeding 80%, infrared oil measuring instrument It should be placed in a laboratory without corrosive gases, no strong electromagnetic interference, good ventilation and no dust. Areas with an unstable power supply should be provided with a regulated power supply, and the power supply should be well grounded.

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