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Interpretation of the principle and application of the infrared thermal camera

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:72

Infrared thermal cameras have been widely used in security systems and have become the star of security surveillance systems.

Due to its hidden detection function, no visible light is needed, it can make criminals unaware of their working place and existence, and then produce wrong judgments, leading to the discovery of criminal acts.

In some important units, such as: important administrative centers, bank vaults, confidential rooms, archives, military sites, prisons, etc., use imagers infrared thermals for 24-hour monitoring;

And analyze the background information at any time, once a change is found, an alarm can be issued in time;

And thanks to the processing of smart devices, the relevant situation Carry out automatic processingand report the situation at any time for further treatment advice.

1. Various electrical appliances:

Can find hidden dangers such as loose joints or poor contact, imbalance, excessive load, overload and overheating .

Potential effects these hidden hazards can cause are electric arcs, short circuits, burns and fires.

2. Transformer:

Hidden hazards that can be found include loose joints, overheated bushings, poor contact (tap changer) , one overload, three The phase load is unbalanced and the cooling pipe is blocked.

The effects are electric arcs, short circuits, burns and fires.

3. Motors and Generators:

Hidden dangers that can be found are excessive bearing temperature, unbalanced load, un short circuit or an open circuit of the winding, carbon brushes, slip rings and slip rings generate heat, overload and overheating, and the cooling lines are blocked.

The effect is that faulty bearings can damage the iron core or winding coils;

Faulty carbon brushes can damage the slip rings and the flow ring of the collectors, thus damaging the coil winding. It can also damage the target rive.

4. Electrical equipment maintenance inspection, roof leak detection, energy saving inspection, environmental protection inspection, security and anti-theft, prevention of forest fires, non-destructive testing, quality control, medical control inspection, etc. are also very beneficial.

The main applications in the fieldscientific research includes:

Automotive research and development: injection molding, mold temperature control, brake rotors, engine pistons, electronic circuit design, baking paint;

Engine, electronics industry - circuit board heat distribution design, product reliability test, electronic component temperature test, laptop heat dissipation test, test tiny components;< /p>

Engine combustion test Wind tunnel experience; analysis of target characteristics; detection of composite materials; building thermal insulation and humidity detection; thermal conduction research; Research; mold casting temperature mecertainty; metal welding research; research on surface/ocean heat distribution, etc.

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