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What factors are related to the moisture wicking properties of fibers?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:64

The moisture absorption and perspiration tester is used to test the moisture absorption and perspiration ability of fabrics. It uses a constant temperature dehumidification device to simulate the sweating characteristics of the human body. Through the moisture absorption speed and constant temperature attached to the constant temperature dehumidification device, the surface humidity changes of the moisture removal device are used to comprehensively evaluate the moisture absorption and perspiration effect of the fabric. It can dynamically measure the moisture absorption and perspiration effect of fabrics.

The instrument adopts an independent design concept, and the control system and automatic water supply system are integrated into the design. Different environmental experiment boxes are optional. Power and d systeme automatic water drainage, powerful water adding system (during the moisture resistance test, the heating plate can penetrate water faster). High precision automatic platform moving system, input the thickness of the test sample and the test platform moves to the corresponding position. The test quickly reaches a stable state. The machine automatically adjusts PID control parameters based on sample thickness to quickly reach testing conditions. The parallel wind speed stabilization system makes the wind speed uniform and stable, making the test results more stable. The wind speed is continuously adjustable from 0 to 2 m/s, which can meet all test standards of moisture resistance, thermal resistance and thermal insulation performance. Standard USB communication, optional wireless wifi communication, making connectionion more practical. The stainless steel shell of the whole machine ensures the service life of the machine for more than 20 years. User-friendly and convenient testing software, the testing software is configured with various testing standards for user convenience.

Through the moisture wicking tester, we learned that the moisture wicking performance of fibers depends on their chemical composition and physical structure. Gaseous moisture evaporated from the skin surface is first absorbed by the fibrous material, called the hygroscopic process. The moisture is then released through the surface of the fibrous material, and the liquid moisture on the surface of the skin is adsorbed, diffused and evaporated on the surface between the fibrous materials due to the capillary effect produced by the capillaries, micropores and grooves inside the fiber. and spaces between fibers. , this process is a processs dehumidification. Both processes result in water migration. The first is mainly related to the chemical composition of the macromolecules in the fiber, and the second is related to the physical structure of the fiber.