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What types of fixture accessories are commonly used for button pull testers?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:57

The Button Pull Tester can test and record the adhesion of buttons and small objects (buttons and airbags) attached to clothing (and lint), and can also be used to compare buttons supplied by different suppliers. Resistance of clothing accessories. Test equipment is used to meet increasingly stringent regulations and testing requirements of major retailers and brands. It meets the manufacturer\'s requirements to check whether there are any wrong operations in all processes from product design to production before shipping, so as to meet product qualification requirements. In addition, the equipment can also be used to check the adhesion and separation force, but generally the separation force is obtained by the following formula: separation force = 1.25 × adhesion force.

Basic operating instructions for the t testerbutton reaction:

1. Install the clamp, match the test button and lock the test sample to the base;

2. Place the pliers, grip the stock firmly and pull them upwards. Each set of knobs must be capable of withstanding at least 17 pounds of pulling force (equivalent to 7.72 kg) and must be held for 10 seconds without signs of loosening or damage. At least 20 buttons of each style must be tested at one time to be considered qualified. ;

3. If any of the buttons are loose or damaged, or all buttons should be re-inspected after replacement.

The new clamping accessories used in the button pull tester are as follows:

1. Centering clamp: the clamping surface can securely clamp the test piece to the garment and can be used with different tension pliers at the same time, you can test bow ties, patches, f-ringsD elm, tabs, zipper pulls, hooks and other clothing accessories;

2. Two-prong pliers: used for testing switch buttons, zipper tail tubes, D-type rings, hooks, etc. ;

3.4WR Short Nose Vice Pliers: Used for testing bow ties, tabs, appliques, zipper pulls, hooks, etc. ;

4.4 inch sewing measurement Pliers: Used to tighten patches, flaps, pom poms, etc.