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What about the parameters and quotation from Shanghai Martindale Abrasion Tester manufacturer?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:132

The precision testing industry in our country is still in the development phase. Much more advanced testing equipment still depends on foreign imports and technical support. The trading center has an absolute advantage. There are many advanced talents with advanced information and technology. The Shanghai branch of Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai, where transportation is convenient and logistics are developed. The company is currently located in several major cities across the country. branches, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong, China, with a branch in Shanghai (Shanghai Fanbiao Textile Testing Technology Co., Ltd.), offices and after-sales services in Changsha, Wuhan, Jinan, Shenyang, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other places repair center.

Introduction to the parameters of the Martindale Abrasion Tester:
Field of application:

Can do different plants Excellent abrasion resistance and pilling performance. Under a certain pressure, the sample and the specified abrasive are subjected to continuous reversing friction, and the degree of wear and pilling is evaluated by comparison with the standard parameters. Touch screen operation with complete programmer, pre-programmed batch and total counts, individually set counts for each test head; 4 speeds selectable including standard speeds.

Technical parameters:
1. Number of stations: 9;
2. Count range: 0~999999 times
3. Maximum stroke: horizontal 60.5 ± 0.5 mm vertical 24 ± 0.5 mm 4. Mass of pressurized material: a. Container: 200 ± 1 g b. Garment Sample Weight: 395 ± 2g
C. Furniture Decoration Sample Weight: 594 ± 2g D. Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve: 260 ± 1g 5. Effective Friction Diameter of Grinding Block:
/> Type A 200g ( 1.96N) friction head (9KPa) ¢ 28.8 -0.084mm
Type B 155g (1.52N) friction head (12KPa) ¢ 90 -0.10mm
6. Holder and relative moving speed of grinding table: 20 -70r/min (adjustable)
7. Weight of sample loading hammer: 2385±10g


Meets Standards:

ASTM D4970 ISO 12945.2, GB/T 4802.2/13775/21196.1/21196.2 ASTM D4966 ISO 12947 FZ/T 20020 BS 3424-24/5690 ISO 12947.1/12947.2 M&S P17/P19/P19C NEXT 18/18a/18b ISO 5470-2 IWTO-40 JIS L1096 8.17.5 Method E Woolmark TM 112/196 BS EN 388/ 530/13770 ISO 20344


As for the price of the Martindale wear-resistant instrument, there is no statistical price standard in China. First, factors such as geographical location, production technology and origin of equipment, and after-sales maintenance service conditions cause the price There are differences. Currently, some of these types of test instruments have been localized. With the continuous advancement of precision testing technology in China, the localization of manufacturing and productionof equipment unavoidable. Due to the late and immature development of domestic technology, so at present there are still certain differences in domestically produced test equipment. First of all, there is a certain gap in the advancement of technology and the accuracy of equipment test results. Therefore, the price of imported equipment is relatively higher than that of home equipment. avoid the fact. So how should a buyer of an enterprise choose to purchase such equipment?

As a business buyer, it is of course the most ideal way to help the company solve problems while saving on operating costs, but there are several issues that business buyers should pay attention to (Standard Group (Hong Kong) ) Co., Ltd.\'s experience of purchasing managers cooperating with large domestic enterprises):
1. The accuracy of equipmentmeans whether this type of equipment can help companies solve problems and whether it meets a certain type of testing standards that enterprises must meet;
2. How long is the delivery period of the equipment, will it affect the normal production and service life of affect the business;
3. The safety and usability of the machines and equipment, here safety refers to the failure rate of the equipment Operability refers to the ease of operation of the equipment, which affects the testing process and the experiment time cost of the enterprise;
4. After-sales and service attitude, whether it is home appliance or imported equipment, there will be certain errors Technical problems of experimental operation, good service attitude and complete after-sales system are conditions that cannot be ignored to ensure the normal production of the enterprise. do not understand the technology, you kunt provide technical support in time and the malfunction can be solved in the first time. Solution, these are services that may not be available at a relatively high price, so service is one of the important factors that determine the price.
5. The price of equipment, this topic should be of great concern to the purchasing manager. Regarding this problem, we must first understand the origin of the equipment. The price of imported equipment for the same product must be higher than that of domestically produced equipment, but the safety performance is high and the failure rate is high. Low tech, advanced detection and high accuracy are all key benefits. Of course, home appliances have price advantages, but there are still certain shortcomings in technology, but there is great room for growth. Of course, purchasing managers should think comprehensively about this. Article 4 can not be genhonored.

Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. has always insisted on introducing the most advanced products in the world, relying on a professional and efficient service team, integrating technology and resource advantages, and providing support for customers to solve problems encountered in scientific research and production, to improve the promote improvement of domestic scientific research and related industries. Through personal product advice before sale, efficient after-sales installation, maintenance and repair, professional technical service and application support, Standard Group has gained the double trust of more and more manufacturers and customers.


Why choose us:

1. Spare parts are available to solve the problem of long lead time for ordering spare parts.solve;

2. Outsource maintenance service;

3. We keep track of updates to industry standards, provide test tools that meet updated standards in a timely manner, and provide personalized testing and consulting services;

4. There has been a large number of spot deliveries for many years, and customers are welcome to call for inquiries!