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A simple way to identify clothing fabrics

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:148

With the continuous development of textile technology, the raw materials of the textile industry are becoming more and more abundant. There are similarities in the development of technology. In general, consumers are easily fooled by merchants if they do not identify carefully. How to identify the components of to identify clothing fabrics simply and effectively? Here, the editor of Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. some tips for you:
There are two ways to effectively identify fabrics when choosing clothes: one is the sensory method and the other is the label recognition method.

 1. Sensory recognition method:
The sensory method requires some experience, but it is not difficult to do, as long as you deliberately touch different fabrics when you go shopping. will pay off over time,

Different fibers differentiate based on sensory characteristics
Vezelname handfeelfeatures
Cotton is slim and soft, with little elasticity and easy to wrinkle.
The hemp feels rough and hard and often has flaws.

Silky and shiny, soft and light, there is a rustling sound when squeezed and grasped, and it feels cool.
Wool is rich in elasticity, soft in luster, warm to the touch and not easy to wrinkle.
Polyester has good elasticity, smoothness, high strength, rigidity and cool feeling.
Nylon is not easy to break, elastic, smooth, light texture, not as soft as silk.
Vinylon is similar to cotton, with a dull sheen, not as soft as cotton, poor resilience and easy to crease.
Acrylic fiber has good heat retention, high strength, is lighter than cotton, and feels soft and fluffy.
Viscose fiber is softer than cotton and the surface gloss is stronger than cotton, but the fastness is not good.

2. Identify real themde and rayon by hand feeling method.
Real silk is soft and stretchy and silky to the touch and cool to the touch when lightly rubbed. feel of rayon is relatively rough and has a clammy feel. )
●The sheen of real silk is soft, bright but not dazzling; the luster of rayon is similar to metal.
●Grab the fabric and release, the wrinkles of real silk are less than those of rayon.
●Drop water on the fabric and rub it with your hands. Artificial silk is easy to break, while real silk is sturdier.