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Bidding Announcement for Laboratory Equipment of Xinjiang Academy of Animal Husbandry Sciences

Author: Released in:2023-03-15 Click:18

Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. adopted from China International Bidding Network Information: Tender Announcement Xinjiang Academy of Animal Science Laboratory Equipment!

1. Research Notice No.: XJZFCG (XJ) 2015-001
2. Procurement project name: laboratory equipment
3. The name of the purchasing unit: Xinjiang Academy of Animal Husbandry
4. The name of the procurement organization: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government Procurement Center
5. Purchase content and quantity:
Snowflake ice machine, stationary current and voltage stabilized electrophoresis instrument

6. For project implementation location, delivery time, technical requirements, etc., please refer to the inquiry notice.
7. Basic qualification requirements for applicants: operate legally, with industrial and commercial business license, tax registration certificate and social security payment certificateunder.
8. How to obtain the inquiry notice: All bidders who meet the above bidding qualification requirements and intend to participate in this bidding project must bring the original copy of the industrial and commercial business license or the equivalent legally valid certification documents Go directly to the planning supervision - and assessment department of our center to copy the bidding documents (you need to bring your own U disk, copy for free. Mail and electronic version delivery services are not provided).
9. Time to obtain application notice: from the date of announcement to the bid deadline, every Monday through Friday morning.
10. Tender Deadline: Bids must be submitted to the bidding department before 11:00 AM on January 22, 2015 (Beijing time). Bid documents will not be returned.
11. Buying Office Address: 14th Floor, Block A, Square Joint Office Building (south side of People's Square), No. 462 Zhongshan Road, Urumqi City