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Water drop angle tester for mobile phone screen

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Product introduction

As we all know, nanomaterials science and engineering has become a global research hotspot. When studying the surface modification of nanomaterials, the concept of contact angle for wetting often comes up. The so-called contact angle refers to when a liquid droplet falls on a solid horizontal plane, at the three-phase solid-liquid-gas connection point on the solid surface, when the two tangents of the gas-liquid interface and the solid-liquid interface sandwich the liquid phase The formed corner.

Surface energy is a measure of the breaking of chemical bonds between molecules in creating the surface of a substance. In the theory of solid physics, atoms on the surface have more energy than atoms in the substance, so according to the principle of least energy,atoms spontaneously gravitate towards the interior of the substance rather than the surface. Another definition of surface energy is the excess energy on the surface of a material relative to the interior of the material. The tractive force acting together between two adjacent parts of the liquid surface perpendicular to the line of division of their unit length. The formation of surface tension is closely related to the special stress state of molecules in the thin layer of the liquid surface. The existence of surface tension constitutes a series of peculiar phenomena that can be observed in everyday life.


TFT-LCD panel industry: glass panel cleanliness and coating quality measurement; TFT PCB board, color filter, ITO conductor film Before the coating quality measurement.

Printing and plastics industry: measurement of surface cleaning and adhesion quality; measurement of ink adhesion; measurementof the compatibility of adhesive colloid properties; color fastness.

Semiconductor industry: Wafer cleanliness measurement; HMDS process control; CMP research measurement, photoresist and developer research. .

Research on chemical materials: research on waterproof and hydrophilic materials; surface activity and the tension and humidity of detergents; viscosity improvement and adhesion surface energy measurement.

IC packaging: substrate surface cleanliness; atomic synthesis oxidation identification; BGA soldering surface; epoxy adhesion measurement.

Mobile phone screen water drop angle testerProduct introduction

The company\'s instruments are manufactured with modern technology, and the instruments use advanced special CCD digital camera, equipped with a high-definition zoom microscope and a high-brightness LED backlight source system, equipped with a three-dimensional sample platform, can make the workmoving table up and down, left and right, front and back, etc. Realize micro-sampling and accurate movement up and down, left and right. At the same time, a telescopic bar structure workbench is also designed, which can adapt to the occasions of increasing the material thickness of different users. The instrument frame can be adjusted according to the size of the style, expanding the instrument\'s use domain. The software is equipped with a correction function, and the results after multiple tests can be saved in the same report at the same time, which allows users to better manage and control material data. The instrument is beautiful in design, easy to operate and meets the needs of users. Suitable for users in various industries to measure the contact angle. The tester: is a simple, fast and sensitive method for measuring the wettability of solid surfacesflatten. And it can indirectly measure the surface energy of solids and the surface tension of liquids.

The first in China Provide contact angle measurement calibration samples imported from Germany to ensure instrument accuracy

Top method of the optical system, suitable for ultra-low angle measurement and hydrophobic material measurement

A variety of contact angle analysis methods, more suitable for contact angle measurement of various materials

Using the calculation method of the international ××, it can automatically identify the reference line and contour line without human error

Fully automatic high-speed operation measurement and intuitive readout of data results

Surface contact angle analysis module , easier operation, more accurate results

Video fast test data, continuous testing of contact angle morphology

One-click software operation: [Press the spacebar]--Turn on the camera ; 【Press 1 Key】--Accurately control the drip; 【Press 2 Key】--high precision automatic measurement.

Mobile phone screen water drop angle testerTechnical parameters:

Mcontact angle eating range: 0-180 degrees

Contact angle measurement accuracy: ±0.10

Surface and interfacial tension measurement range: 0-1000 mN/m; measurement accuracy: 0.01 mN/m

High-precision automatic drip system: high-precision industrial micro-injection pump; drop accuracy: 0.1 μl p>

Contact angle high precision instrument calibration sheet: German original imported contact angle angle calibration standard sheet 3°5°8° 60°90°120°115°

Mobile phone screen water drop angle testerMeasuring method:

Sessile drop;

Hanging drop;

lamella method;

Captive bubble method;

wetted fiber;

fiber Sessle fiber drop method (sessle fiber drop);

Software introduction:

Diversified contact angle analysis methods: automatic adjustment method, semi-automatic adjustment method, manual horizontal measurement, manual inclination measurement, width and height measurement method, concave-convex area measurement method, manual tangent method, etc.

Diversified software calculation methods: ring fitting method (below 40 degrees); ellipse adjustment method (40-120 degrees); Young-Lapalacer fitting method (above 120 degrees)

p>Accurate surface free energy calculation: Fowks method, OWRK method, ZismanPlot method, EOS method (Some fluid databases are pre-installed in the software, you can add fluid performance parameters determine)

Software metering with one button operation: [Press the space bar]--turn on the camera; [Press 1 Button]--Software+Hardware Drip Accurately; [Press 2 Buttons]- - Fully automatic measurement with high precision

Irregular product test extension: concave-convex surface test, curved surface test, roll angle test, advancing angle and receding angle test, high and low temperature contact angle test

High-speed still photo shooting methods: single/continuous/video recordingme; each video can be exported as a single sheet; video video can be measured automatically and quickly Graphic data report.

Hardware introduction:

Holder dimensions: 790mm (length) * 310mm (width ) * 580 mm (height)

Net weight of the holder: 18 kg

Work surface size: 120 mm*150 mm

Work table movement: up and down 50 mm; left and right 50 mm; 100mm; left and right 100mm

Industrial lens movement: front and back 180mm ( fine adjustment 3mm)

Industrial lens: 0.7X *-4.5X high-definition telecentric zoom microscope with continuous zoom

CCD: original SONY imported high-speed industrial chip; 25 frames/S, 60 frames/S, 300 frames/S, 1000 frames/S Observation

Light source: LED adjustable blue tone industrial cold light source; lifespan of more than 20,000 hours

Power supply and power: 220V / 60HZ.

National standard:

GB/T 24368-2009 (detection of hydrophobic vecontaminants on glass surface)

SY/T5153-2007 (Determination of wettability of reservoir rock)

ASTM D 724-99(2003) (Test method for wettability of paper)

ASTM D5946-2004 (Measurement of contact angle between plastic film and water)

ISO15989 (Measurement of water contact angle of plastic film and sheet of corona-treated film)