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Test machine against yellowing

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Product Introduction

Yellow Resistor The Test Machine is suitable for simulating the ultraviolet radiation and heat of the sun. The sample is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and temperature in the machine. After a certain time, observe the degree of yellowing resistance of the sample. The stained gray mark can be used as a reference. To determine the level of yellowing, the test time is subject to the manufacturer\'s approval. The machine is equipped with complete accessories, which can be used as a basic anti-yellowing test, and can also be used as an aging test machine and oven, demonstrating the multi-function of one machine.

Two types of tests can be performed:

Aging and anti-yellowing aging: This machine can prevent the deterioration of vulcanized rupromote bber to calculate tensile force and elongation before and after heating. The rate of change is generally considered to be tested at 70°C for one day, which theoretically equates to 6 months exposure to the atmosphere.

Yellow resistance test: This machine is exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays in a simulated atmospheric environment, and the appearance change is generally considered to be tested at 50°C for 9 hours, which is theoretically equivalent to 6 o\'clock. months exposure to the atmosphere.

Instrument Standards:

Yellow Resistance TesterThe design and test meet JIS-P8127, ASTM D1148 and other standards

Technical specifications


Technical specifications


FLR - 204 Yellow resistance testing machine

Inner liner size


Temperature range

Normal temperature ~200℃

Control accuracy


Division accuracy


UV light source

UV300W lamp

Time memory

0-999 hours, memory type power failure, including buzzer

Turntable speed

¢45cm, 10±2 rpm

Control method

Automatic calculation controller


(L×W×H) 114×94×130 cm

Sampling speed

Rotating sample rack, adjustable in height and speed (general working speed (3±1) revolutions per minute).

Production material

InternalSUS#304 stainless steel plate, exterior advanced paint >140 kg

Power supply

1∮, AC220V, 15A