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Vehicle Fabric Abrasion Tester

Author: Released in:2016-08-24 Click:4107

Vehicle Fabric Abrasion Tester

Vehicle fabric abrasion tester


By reciprocating friction wear surface on a standard sample which produced a fabric abrasion, for testing automotive textile and knitted fabric , composites, plastic-coated fabric layer and the abrasion resistance of the skin nap

Suitable: used in the test protocols made by Peugeot Automobile Co. and Renault SA group

Main Specifications:

1, samples head: 2

2, friction table shape: wide 90mm ± 1mm

3, friction head shape: wide 90mm ± 1mm

4, sliding counterweight weights: 5Kg each one, total 2

5, tension test weight: 4Kg each one, total 2

6, friction head stroke: 150mm

7, reciprocating speed: 30 times / min

8,Counter: 0 ~ 9999 times

9, Power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

10, motor power: 120W

11, Dimensions: 500mm × 450mm × 580mm

12, Weight: 45Kg