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Scratch Abrasion Resistant Test

Author: Released in:2016-08-24 Click:3893

Scratch Abrasion Resistant Test

 Scratch Abrasion Tester

Scratch  Abrasion Tester Applications

It is used to evaluate cutting, scratches, gouging, scratching and carving performance for materials. Applications include: rigid organic material, adhesive coating, powder coating, anodizing materials, soft metals, plastics and glass, and so on. It can also be used to test the same materials, adhesives, protective coatings quality and ultimate performance of similar materials. Simple, easy to move, to test the 1/2 "to 4" thick square or round material

Scratch Abrasion Tester Operation

Before loading the sample, we need to adjust steelyard to the proper height according to the sample thickness. Mounted on weigh beam with good precision cutting tools and placed on the sample. Start the instrument, the turntable is rotated at a constant speed to ensure accurate results. By changing the load of the cutting tool, you can evaluate the shear material or scratch performance.

Instrument steelyard design makes it possible to sample and turntable level, and according to actual needs to be raised or lowered. In addition, it can also lift weigh beam suspended in the air in order to facilitate the operator to remove the sample. By changing the position of the sliding weights, the total load on the sample in 0-1000g range adjustable. Tungsten carbide cutting tools can choose to use the tool or the conical Diamond Head.

Test results can be random with 10x magnification visual determination; the user can also use the high-precision optical microscope