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Rotary Abrasion Color Fastness Tester

Author: Released in:2016-08-24 Click:4390

Rotary Abrasion Color Fastness Tester
Rotary abrasion colorfastness tester

Brief Introduction

Used for printed fabric, textile printing and dyeing industry, especially for the detection of fabric printed fabric dry or wet rubbing fastness.

Product Description

Rotary abrasion color fastness tester is used to test the fabric textile industry; especially dry printed fabric rubbing fastness most commonly used models.

With 16mm diameter, can provide 1143 grams of pressure friction head.

Counterclockwise friction, operating handles only one-way rotation after friction head clockwise rotation friction 1.125

Technical Parameter

A, friction head diameter: 16mm;

B, pressure: 1134 g;

C, 1.125 clockwise turn counterclockwise rotation;

D, with standard fixtures friction of the fabric;

F, spring steel sample holder is made to ensure the rapid and reproducible test results  fastening specimen;

G, the device being designated AATCC

Configuration and Consumables

1, friction cloth in white with the European standard

2, friction cloth with American Standard

3, friction cloth in calibration

4, the standard friction sandpaper

5, friction cloth-like solid clip