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Abrasion Resistance Color Fastness Tester

Author: Released in:2016-08-24 Click:4781

Abrasion Resistance Color Fastness Tester
Abrasion Resistance Color Fastness Tester

Brief Introduction

  • Japanese standards JIS color fastness friction instrument, mainly used in the evaluation and decision dyed fiber products rubbing fastness.
  • With dry or wet white cotton tied on the head surface friction of the machine to some of the load and the number of post-friction colored specimen in the control of gray scale to assess the dyeing friction fastness level. Friction test can also be used as organic solvent.

Product Description

  • The machine is based on Japanese Industrial Standards [color fastness Test Method] in " Abrasion Resistance Color Fastness fastness test method" (JIS L 0849) prescribed friction tester Ⅱ-shaped (learn mode shapes) as a standard testing machine.
  • Mainly used for evaluation and decision dyed fiber products abrasion resistance color fastness, abrasion tester is applicable to a variety of material.

Technical Parameters

1. Arc test stand (Japan Standard: Shape Society for the Promotion proposed)

2. Type: Learning mode shape

3. Sample median: 6

4. The sample table: Surface Radius 200mm

5. Mount head shape: surface radius 45mm

6. Test Load: 2N

7. Friction head stroke: 100mm

8. Reciprocating speed: 30 times / min

9. Preset: 1 time to 9999 times, 10 times ~ 99990 times, 100 times a third gear ~ 999900

10. Power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

11. Total power: 70W

12. Dimensions: 430mm × 430mm × 360mm

13. Weight: 28Kg