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Unlimited Internal Pressure Destruction Tester For Medical Device Packaging – Product Technical Advantage Shanghai Chengsi

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:119

working principle

The unrestricted test method for internal pressure damage of sterile medical device packaging provides a rapid evaluation method to assess whether the packaging will be damaged due to differential pressure. The unlimited internal pressure damage tester for medical device packaging can simulate and detect the pressure difference formed during sterilization and transportation.

crack, creep to crack test three experimental methods


Three, the details of the three experimental methods are as follows:

Test method A (expansion Burst test ): The package is subjected to an internal pressure test on one device until the package breaks. Inflation and pressure equipment is required to maintain the elevated internal pressure until the package bursts. This test is designed to find the maximummeasure the pressure detected before the package breaks.

Test Method B1 (Creep Test): The internal pressure of the package is applied to the specified pressure on the instrument and the pressure is maintained for the specified time. The inflation and pressure equipment is required to maintain the internal pressure. The test measurement passed/failed.

Test method B2 (creep to failure:) Creep tests are performed on the package until the package fails. The test setup is similar to the creep test, except that the set pressure must be higher to ensure that the package fails in a reasonable time (about 15s). The test measurement is the time it takes to fail.

The unlimited anti-internal pressure damage tester of medical device packaging tests the packaging quality of the production process and sterilization process of medical device packaging. out, then the qualified rate of product quality of the partide can also be reasonably derived. We are a professional manufacturer of packaging material testing instruments


Fourth, technical parameters

Test range: 0~600kPa; 0~87psi (standard configuration)

0~1.6 MPa; 0~232.1 psi (Optional)

Inflatable Head Outer Diameter: Φ10mm (Standard Matching) ;Φ4mm, Φ1.6mm (Optional)

Air Source Pressure: 0.4MPa~0.7MPa (Preparing air source by the user)

Air source interface: Φ8mm polyurethane tube

Number of sensors: 1

Electric box size: 310mm(L)×370mm(W)×150 mm(H)

Test frame size: 305mm(L )×356mm(W)×325mm(H)

5. Product technical advantages:

1. Built-in high-speed microcomputer chip control, simple and efficient man-machine Interactive interface, providing users with a comfortable and smooth operating experience

2.7-inch high-definition color LCD screen, real-time display oftest data and curves

3. Support rupture, creep, creep to rupture, holding pressure and other test modes

4. Supports expansion suppression, expansion non-inhibition test

5. Safety design such as surge protection and power off memory to ensure the testing process Moderate system stability

6. Chinese and English interfaces can be switched at will

7. Equipped with standard RS232 communication port, which is convenient for external links and data transmission between the system and computer

8. Energy saving and environmental protection design, beautiful appearance, ultra-low power consumption power supply meets national requirements for energy saving and environmental protection