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Semi Automatic Packing Scale For Sorghum And Rapeseed – Woven Bag Weighing Pellet Packing Scale Brand

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:23

Sorghum Rapeseed Semi-automatic Packing Scale-Woven Bag Scale Particle Packing Scale Brand


Semi-automatic packing produced by molded shell manufacturers The scale uses direct current plus vibration feeding, the material enters the buffer silo through the vibrator, and the material is sent to the bag through the feeding vibration controlled by frequency conversion. As soon as the filling bag is full on the scale, the bag gripper is opened by the control system and the material bag is sent away via the conveyor belt and sealed with manual assistance. This semi-automatic packaging scale is specially designed for quantitative packaging of corn, soybeans, rice and other granular materials with good fluidity.


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Belanmain features of semi-automatic packaging scale:

◆ Keypad setup and calibration, digital display;

◆ Mainly controlled by microcomputer and photoelectric sensor ;

◆ Automatic quantitative value, feedback correction, alarm out of tolerance;

◆ High accuracy, high reliability, wide range of packaging specifications;

◆ High sensitivity, high accuracy, strong reliability and various packaging specifications can be realized.

◆ The part of the packaging scale that comes into contact with the material is made of stainless steel, which does not contaminate the material;


Semi-automatic packaging scale technical indicators:

Weighing range: 10-60 (kg/bag)

Quantitative error: ±0.1%

Packaging fastcapacity: 480- 600 (bags/hour) (depending on material properties, pocket size, pocket size)

Power supply: 380/220V, 50HZ (adjustable)< /p

Power: 1.8KW

Temperature: -20-40℃

Humidity: <95% (no condensation)

Conveyor belt: length 2200 width: 410

The volume of the whole machine: length 2500, width 1500, height 3450mm (dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements)


Customer service:

(1) Free warranty within one year

(2) Provide lifetime technical support and services

(3) Provide service with three warranties for the products sold

(4) Out of warranty period or In case of human error, maintenance fee will be charged


This price is for reference only, the actual price depends on businesske offers

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Sorghum Rapeseed Semi Automatic Packaging Scale-Woven Bag Scale Particle Packaging Scale Brand