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The structure and working principle of the laboratory bottle washing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:118

With the development of science and technology and the progress of household instruments, the cleaning method of laboratory supplies is slowly changing, and many users have begun to experience and rely on the fully automatic laboratory bottle washing machine. The laboratory bottle washer guarantees constant washing quality and high cleanliness. The cleaning effect guarantees the laboratory results, and when you encounter reproducibility problems, you can find the cause in other aspects, which greatly improves work efficiency. In addition, the laboratory bottle washing machine can also clean complex utensils such as pipettes, gas collecting tubes, liquid vials, etc. On the one hand, it saves labor costs and also solves the problems of high-strength acid contamination and personal injury. At present, fully automatic bottle washing machines are used in government laboratories such as pharmaceutical companies, food companyand, disease control and environmental protection.

The structure of the laboratory bottle washing machine  And working principle:
Bottle washing machine including bottle feeding device, soaking tank, bottle rack, washing components (pre-wash, middle wash and final wash) , label removal system, transmission system (bottle feeding and discharging and main drive), heating system, lubrication system, walking platform and protection system, bottle discharging device, electrical control system and other parts.

The bottle feeding device pushes the dirty bottle into the bottle rack, successively enters different positions of the tank, soaks in alkali solution, sterilizes at high temperature, washes the inside and outside of the bottle with high pressure, removes the label and rinses with clean water. The bottle unit is emptied. During the washing process, the liquid level, the temperature concentration of the detergent and other detection and control devices continue to function.