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Can you solve the malfunction of the water drop angle meter?

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:102

The water drop angle tester is a widely used instrument for testing surface properties. The working principle is to evaluate the hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity of the solid surface by measuring the contact angle formed by the liquid on the solid surface. However, there are some common errors that can occur when using the water drop angle meter and these errors and their solutions are described below.

The water drop cannot adhere to the sample surface

Possible reasons: There are grease, dust and other contaminants on the sample surface; the sample surface is too rough or too smooth; the size of the water droplet is not suitable.

Solution: Clean the sample surface, wipe the surface with a clean cotton cloth; try changing the droplet size or adjusting the surface tension.

Unstable water droplets

Possible reasons: The room temperature is toohigh or too low; the humidity is too high or too low; the position of the water droplets is unstable.

Solution: Keep the room temperature and humidity stable, adjust the position of the water droplets.

Inaccurate measurement results

Possible reasons: erratic operation; unclear vision; insufficient light source; untreated sample surface.

Solution: Work correctly according to the instructions; clean the lens and adjust the field of view; provide sufficient light; perform the necessary treatment on the sample surface.

Poor repeatability of measurement results

Possible reasons: errors caused by different operators; inconsistent size and position of water droplets; uneven sample processing.

Workaround: Use the same operator for testing as much as possible; check droplet size and location; ensure uniform sample handling.

In short, when using the water drop angle meter, you should op Pay attention to some details and fix common errors in time. Through proper use and maintenance, the water drop angle meter can fully fulfill its role and provide strong support for scientific research and industrial production.