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Maintenance steps of 20ml micro high pressure plunger pump

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:129

20ml micro high pressure plunger pump is a precision flow control pump, commonly used in chemical analysis, biomedicine, environmental monitoring and other fields in laboratory and industrial applications. Pneumatically actuated with plunger, the pump can precisely control flow and pressure to meet the needs of various high-precision applications. It mainly consists of pump body, pneumatic cylinder, plunger, valve, etc. made of steel or stainless steel. It has the characteristics of small size, simple structure and convenient assembly. Usually the pump uses high purity liquid as the working medium, such as the transfer and separation of biological samples such as proteins and cells in biomedical field.

20ml micro high pressure plunger pump The maintenance steps are as follows:

1. Each time After use, wash it with running pure water to avoid any residual solutionremains in the pump and affects subsequent use.

2. Regularly clean the pump head and the valve, especially the sealing ring in the valve, and keep them clean.

3. Check whether the pump head and valve are worn, and replace them in time if they are worn.

4. Always check whether the seals and rubber sleeves in the pump are loose or worn, and replace them in time if there is a problem.

5. Check the seal of the pump head and valve, you can use clean water to test for water leakage, if water leakage is found, check and replace the seals.

6. Regularly check whether the connection of the pipeline is loose, air leakage and other problems, and treat it in time if there is a problem.

7. Regularly maintain the lubrication of the pump head and valves, and choose the correct lubricating oil for lubrication.

8. Prevent overvoverheating of the pump head and valves due to prolonged use, which will affect the life of the equipment.

9. Replace the filter regularly to prevent contaminants from entering the pump and affecting the operation of the pump.

The maximum output pressure of the 20ml micro high pressure plunger pump is usually around 10-20MPa, which can meet the needs of most laboratory and industrial applications. At the same time, the pump also has the advantages of wide flow range, high precision and good repeatability, and can achieve constant output of flow and pressure. Therefore, it is widely used in scientific research laboratories, medical diagnosis, life science research, chemical analysis and other fields.