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Introduction to the method of testing the anti-extrusion performance of cables

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:21

Cable Extrusion Tester

ProductModel: WDW -50J

By default:

GBT 33594-2017 Electric vehicle charging cable

GBT 18487.1-2015 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System

Test method:

During the test, it is necessary to configure a conduction signal device that uses a DC power of 30V or less and is used to connect pattern conductors and conductors and steel sheet or steel spacer sticks.

The example is The length of the finished cable is less than 3000mm and the conductor is visible at one end of the sample.

The example is exposed Close the DC power supply between the copper conductors and between the copper conductor and the steel plate or steel bar on the tensile tester.

Put the two steel plates Installed parallel to the pressure testing machined, the longitudinal axes of the two steel plates must be in the same vertical plane. The pattern, equipment and environment must reach thermal equilibrium at room temperature.

on the example The first test point should be the center of the bottom steel plate and the top steel plate moves down at a speed of 10mm/min until it touches the surface of the sample and keeps moving down until the indicator signal is turned on.

Include signal connection The pressure value indicated by the normal pressure testing machine.


1 technical name: WDW-50

2 Test force (kN ):50

3 Test force measuring range Test force: 0.2%~99%

4 Test force accuracy: precision level is ±0.5 %

5 test force resolution: 200000 yards

6 Extensometer measuring distance (mm): 50

7 distortion metric (mm): 10

8 test space width (mm) 600

9stretching stroke (mm)1000

10 compression stroke (mm) 1000

11 radius spacing (mm) 1200

12 Host mass (kg) 500kg

Technical parameters:

1 resolution: 0.01

2 Measurement accuracy: level 1

4 processing adjustment: Yes

5 supply voltage: 220V

6 specification: WDW-50J

7 Weight: 500kg

98 Measuring range: 0-50KN

Dimensions: 850 *650*2150mm

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2. Pay attention to the after-sales service of the equipment when purchasing. Many customers say that the price of the machine is quite cheap when they buy it, but after purchasing the machine, there are problems and no after-sales personnel can find it. This seriously slows down your usage. , The loss outweighs the gain.

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