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The role of dust suppressants in railway coal transportation

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:59

Ecological high-efficiency dust suppressants are composed of a new type of multifunctional polymer combination. The cross-linking degree molecules in the polymer form a network structure, and there are various ion groups between the molecules. Due to the high charge density, they generate strong affinity with ions, and can quickly capture and firmly adsorb particulate dust through coagulation, bonding, and other actions. After drying, they can solidify into a film on the surface of the dust, thus having strong dust suppression and dust prevention effects.

The function of dust suppressants

1. Reduce coal transportation losses

At present, the average loss of coal railway transportation in China is 5%. The use of dust suppressants can reduce this loss by more than 90%, thereby bringing huge economic benefits.

2. Improve the safety of railway transportation

Suppressing coal transportation spills can reduce the compaction of sleepers, reduce the corrosive effect of dust on steel rails and fasteners, protect circuit signal systems, reduce safety hazards, and greatly reduce railway maintenance costs.

3. Meets environmental needs

Reducing the pollution caused by railway coal transportation and significantly improving the quality of life of the people along the railway line who have suffered from dust pollution, has significant social benefits.