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The principle of the steam distillation device of the fluoride distiller

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:108

Fluoride distiller is also called steam distillation device. Fluoride is common in natural water bodies, such as non-ferrous metallurgy, steel and aluminum processing, coke, glass, ceramics, electronics, electroplating, fertilizer, pesticide factory wastewater, and fluorine. Fluoride is often present in desert wastewater, and the method of pre-distillation is usually used. The fluoride in the water is steamed in a solution containing a high acid (or liu-acid) content and is distilled out in the form of fluoro-gui acid or fluoride.

Product features:

1.6 samples can be independently distilled simultaneously

2. Steam distillation Strictly temperature control, good elimination of interference, no bumping

3. 7-inch LCD touch screen control, 6 independent operating systems

4. 6 independent digital display temperature control, high temperature control accuracy

5. Use van high-purity aluminum module for heating, fast heating speed and high precision

6. Built-in refrigeration compressor, no external chiller required, low noise level

7. There is over-voltage and over-current leakage protection system, which has high stability and improves service life

8. With its own steam generator, the steam output is fast and the steam speed is adjustable

9. The steam comes with an automatic water replenishment function, which is safe, simple, convenient and easy to operate