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The maintenance process of the air heater is as follows

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:113

1. Air heater gun repair cleaning and inspection
1 Brush the bolt with kerosene, After drying , paint with black lead powder oil.
2 Remove the flange screws from the circulating water inlet and outlet valves and remove the connecting pipes from the inlet and outlet valves.
3 Remove the screws on the connecting surface of the front and rear water chambers and remove the front and rear water chambers.
4 Clean the steel pipe. Pay attention to protecting the mouthpiece during cleaning.

5 Clean the rust and mud in the water chamber and rinse with water.
6 Use a scraper to clean the connecting surface of the wiper chamber and the cooling water.repair inlet and outlet flange gasket residue.
7 Check the air side pipe and heat sink for damage.
8 Check for cracks in water chamber and divider for glass loss.
9 Install gaskets on the joint surface. The gaskets are 3-5 mm like rubber pads.
2. During the overhaul or minor repair of the unit, the water side should be repaired Cleaning and visual inspection on the air side. In general, cleaning should be carried out during operation if the air temperature is 5°C higher than the normal temperature due to clogging of the water side.