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Introduction of the German airtec ZX-SG rodless cylinder principle

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:111

The German airtec ZX-SG type rodless cylinder has a compact and streamlined design to ensure long stroke and linear movement, suitable for industrial processes requiring precise positioning and smooth movement. For operations where space, speed and precision are critical, our rodless cylinders are ideal for automation, material handling and conveyor systems and more. Enjoy low maintenance and high reliability while increasing the productivity of your industrial operations with AIRTEC rodless cylinders.

The principle of the German airtec ZX-SG rodless cylinder is introduced as follows:

The working principle of the German airtec ZX-SG rodless cylinder and ordinary cylinder The same, only the external connection and seal shape are different.

Both sides of the cylinder are hollow and the permanent magnet in the piston rod drives another magnet (moving part)outside the piston rod. Come down and wash it with gasoline, which is related to its working environment.

There is a piston in the rodless cylinder, but there is no piston rod, the piston is installed in the guide rail, the external load is connected to the piston, and the action depends on the intake air.

The magnetic coupling movement is realized by using the permanent magnet inside the hollow piston rod to make another magnet move outside the piston rod, because the inner and outer magnetic rings are easy to disconnect when the speed is high and the load is high. Therefore, it is not used so much, and the size of the load mass should find the characteristic curve of its mass and speed. Therefore, the mechanical type is used more.

The piston drives the moving body outside the cylinder to move synchronously by magnetic force. The working principle is: install oneset of high-strength magnetic rings on the piston, and the magnetic lines of force will interact with another set of magnetic rings outside through the thin-walled cylinder. Because the two sets of magnetic rings have opposite magnetism, they have strong suction. When the piston is pushed into the cylinder by air pressure, it will drive the magnetic ring sleeve outside the cylinder to move together under the action of magnetic force. The thrust of the cylinder piston must match the suction of the magnetic ring.

Germany airtec ZX-SG rodless cylinder Compact pneumatic linear actuator with or without guide rail is designed to save space. Our \"K\" series is 30% shorter than our competitors for the same stroke. Specially designed polyurethane seals are mechanically locked into the aluminum profile, ensuring high sealing properties and no stick-slip movement. The cylinder is equipped with integrated senglass cutouts, adjustable bumpers and permanent magnets for proximity sensors. Available as guideless S and K series, with adjustable sliding guides SG and KG series or roller guide rails SR and KR series.

Application example of German airtec ZX-SG type piston rodless cylinder:

Automatic manufacture and assembly

Packaging processing

Textiles and ceramics


Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

Food production

Testing, inspection and quality control

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