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Guanglian introduces the application case of HLS528 HYDAC inclination sensor

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:118

Dongguan Guanglian Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has a good market reputation, professional sales and technical service team, with years of operating experience, familiar with and understanding of market conditions, and has won the support of domestic and foreign manufacturers. The company has become a regular supplier of many small and medium-sized enterprises and a partner of domestic merchants, and strives to become one of the companies in the industry.


Below Guanglian introduces the application of HLS528 HYDAC inclination sensor:

1. Applied to agricultural dump truck

Because dump trucks usually work in a certain slope environment, a large number of dump truck manufacturers have installed a two-axis HYDAC slope sensor on the vehicle and designed a special display instrument to display the measured value of the sensor. The angle provides a reliable reference data for thedriver to drive safely. Not only that, when the dump truck is traveling on a relatively flat road, the HYDAC inclination sensor can also measure the current inclination angle while driving, providing accurate reference data for small changes in the vehicle's body structure.

2. Applied to tower crane

In the tower crane anti-tilt monitor, the most important part is the HYDAC inclination sensor. The function of the HYDAC inclination sensor is to measure the inclination angle of the tower body in real time. Since the tilt angle at the top of the tower changes little, the sampling frequency of the HYDAC tilt sensor should be in the range of 0.5-10 Hz, and the measurement accuracy should be greater than 0.05 degrees. At the same time, it is necessary to filter out the noise caused by the vibrations at the top of the tower to ensure reliable communication and accurate judgment.

3. Accessfits on slat conveyor

During the installation process of slat conveyor, HYDAC HYDAC inclination sensor can be installed on top of the conveyor, can directly measure the current inclination angle of the conveyor, which greatly simplifies the installation process.During use the software can also be used to set the alarm angle, saving time and worry. It can be seen that the installation speed and working efficiency of the plate conveyor are greatly improved by using the HYDAC inclination sensor instead of the previous installation based on experience.

4. Applied to CNC machine tools

In the process of machining CNC machine tools, how to ensure the geometric accuracy of the machining. It depends on the geometric accuracy of the CNC machine tool. The geometric accuracy of the CNC machine tool fully reflects the geometric shape error of the importantmost parts of the machine tool after assembly, and the HYDAC inclination sensor is the best choice for controlling the geometric accuracy of the CNC machine tool.

The geometric accuracy inspection of CNC machine tools includes: the flatness of the work surface, the perpendicularity of the movement in each coordinate direction, the parallelism of the work surface when moving in the X coordinate direction, and the parallelism of the workwear table when moving in the direction of the Y coordinate In terms of accuracy, etc., the level is mostly used in these inspection items, but with the development of technology and the improvement of sensor technology, it is gradually used in the geometric accuracy inspection of CNC machine tools. The HYDAC HYDAC inclination sensor is used to check the flatness and verticality. The HYDAC HYDAC inclination sensor can not only know whether the plane is horizontal or verticalthough it is, but also quantitatively know how horizontal or vertical it is, which is better for the geometric accuracy of the machine tool being checked.

HYDAC Hydac Inclination Sensor is used in various angle measurement applications. For example, high-precision laser instrument leveling, construction machinery leveling, long-range instrumentation, high-altitude platform safety protection, inclination angle measurement of directional satellite communication antennas, ship navigation attitude measurement, shield pipe jacking applications, dam detection, geological equipment tilt monitoring, artillery barrel initial shot angle measurement , radar vehicle platform detection, satellite communication vehicle attitude detection, etc.

HYDAC HYDAC tilt sensors are often used to measure the change of the horizontal angle of the system. The spirit level has changed from the simple bubble level to the electronical spirit level, which is the result of the development of automation and electronic measuring technology. As a detection tool, it has become an important measurement tool that is missing in bridge building, railway laying, civil engineering, oil drilling, aviation and navigation, industrial automation, intelligent platform, machining and other fields. The electronic spirit level is a high-precision detection means for measuring small angles and can be used to measure the inclination of the measured plane with respect to the horizontal position, the mutual parallelism and perpendicularity of the two parts.