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The development of microscope level thermometer quantum sensing technology is indispensable

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-02 Click:28

What comes to mind when it comes to quantum technology? For most people, it may be all sorts of quantum products that scammers talk about as incredible! Indeed, since the concept of quantum technology became increasingly popular in China, various scams under the guise of "quantum science" have emerged, such as quantum reading, quantum beauty, and quantum water cups, making it difficult for most consumers who have little knowledge of quantum physics to defend themselves, leading to people gradually avoiding products related to "quantum".

Although there are various quantum scams, quantum technology is not an empty name and is one of the hottest cutting-edge technologies of the 21st century. Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics that studies the motion laws of microscopic particles in the material world, including atoms, molecules, condensed matter, atomic nuclei, and elementary particles. In 1900, to explain the experimental phenomenon of blackbody radiation, physicist Planck proposed the hypothesis of "small units of energy" and named it "quantum". Afterwards, through the continuous improvement of scientists such as Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, and Schr ö dinger, a complete theory of quantum mechanics was gradually established.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, quantum technology has gradually emerged from laboratories and entered fields such as sensing, communication, imaging, medical treatment, and information processing, creating more and more benefits for humanity. Even in the field of instrumentation, quantum technology has the potential to drive innovation and breakthroughs in new technologies.

Recently, researchers and partners from Osaka City University have invented a new type of microscope based thermometer using quantum technology. It can not only accurately and reliably measure the temperature of microscopic animals, but also detect temperature dependent quantum spins and fluorescent nanodiamonds.

Earlier, the research team had successfully measured the heat and temperature of biological processes within cultured cells using a technology similar to quantum sensing. In order to create this thermometer, researchers decorated the surface of nanodiamonds with polymer structures and injected them into the nematode body. They stimulated the nematode mitochondria with drug therapy to cause fever in the body, and then successfully observed the temperature change and rise using a quantum thermometer. Although nematodes move very quickly, quantum monitoring algorithms can still track nanodiamonds and stably measure temperature. According to researchers, quantum sensing technology utilizes the extremely fragile sensitivity of quantum systems to the surrounding environment. The test results, as an important milestone, will provide guidance for the integration of quantum sensing and biology, as well as future development directions.

It is undeniable that temperature has become inseparable from modern people's daily lives. Television news, weather forecasts on mobile phones, temperature measurements during illness and fever, and temperature control in industrial production processes all rely on small thermometers. As one of the instruments with a very long development history, the types, principles, and application scope of thermometers are constantly expanding. Starting from kerosene thermometers, alcohol thermometers, mercury thermometers, gas thermometers, and electronic thermometers are constantly being replaced, meeting the needs of scientific and technological development and industrial temperature measurement conditions.

The development and integration of science and technology require us to think rationally and view it. Although quantum technology is still far from our daily lives, as one of the cutting-edge technologies with development potential in the 21st century, any progress and breakthrough in related research can bring about earth shattering changes in people's lives. And how this technology will leave a significant mark in human history is even more worth looking forward to.