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Japanese company develops new cylindrical solid-state batteries: capacity increases by 25 times

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-02 Click:36

On January 2nd, it was reported that Japanese large battery company Macell announced that they have successfully developed a new type of cylindrical solid-state battery, which has the characteristics of large capacity, strong heat resistance, long lifespan, and good impact resistance.

It is understood that the new battery uses sulfide materials, which are easy to achieve high capacity. Compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, all solid-state batteries have higher capacity density, faster charging speed, and better safety.

The diameter of the new battery is about 23 millimeters, the height is about 27 millimeters, and the capacity has increased by 25 times. The size and output power can be adjusted according to the requirements of enterprise customers, and its capacity has greatly increased, making the battery suitable for use as a main power source and becoming more versatile.

In addition, in harsh environments such as high temperatures, the battery can still maintain stable performance and has excellent impact resistance, making it widely used in various harsh environments.

At present, Macell's all solid state batteries have been adopted by Nikon's industrial machinery sensors, and orders are increasing. The company plans to achieve an overall sales revenue of 30 billion yen for all solid-state batteries by 2030.