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The cumulative power generation of Xiluodu Hydropower Station has exceeded 600 billion kilowatt hours

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-02 Click:38

According to Three Gorges Group, as of February 14th, the world's fourth largest hydropower station, Xiluodu Hydropower Station, has accumulated power generation exceeding 600 billion kilowatt hours, equivalent to saving 180 million tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 494 million tons.

The Xiluodu Hydropower Station is located on the Jinsha River section at the junction of Leibo County in Sichuan Province and Yongshan County in Yunnan Province. It is one of the backbone power sources of the national "West East Power Transmission" project and the world's first 10 million kilowatt high arch dam hydropower station to be put into operation. The Xiluodu Hydropower Station is mainly focused on power generation, taking into account comprehensive benefits such as flood control, sediment interception, improvement of navigation conditions in the reservoir area and downstream river section. A total of 18 single unit water turbine generator units with a capacity of 770000 kilowatts are installed, with a total installed capacity of 13.86 million kilowatts. The Xiluodu Hydropower Station project started construction in December 2005, the first batch of units were put into operation for power generation in July 2013, and all units were put into operation for power generation by the end of June 2014.

"At present, it is a critical period for ensuring power supply during the Spring Festival. Xiluodu Power Plant is fully cooperating with the power grid to adjust the operation mode of units, strengthen equipment inspection and diagnostic analysis, strictly implement the 24-hour emergency duty system, and ensure safe and reliable power supply." The relevant person in charge of Xiluodu Power Plant, a subsidiary of Three Gorges Group, introduced that since the beginning of this year, the number of units operating during the peak period of Xiluodu Power Plant has reached 16, with a daily output of up to 10.423 million kilowatts, Provide strong support for ensuring power supply.

The Xiluodu Hydropower Station, along with cascade power stations such as Wudongde, Baihetan, Xiangjiaba, Three Gorges, and Gezhouba, forms the world's largest clean energy corridor. There are a total of 110 hydroelectric generators with a total installed capacity of 71.695 million kilowatts, equivalent to the installed capacity of three Three Gorges power stations, providing strong support for the implementation of the national major strategy of "West East Power Transmission".