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Focusing on plastic pollution: Plastic related enterprises are constantly striving for green innovation

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-02 Click:49

The problem of plastic pollution is becoming increasingly serious and has become one of the focal points of global attention. In this context, in order to provide new solutions for plastic pollution control, many enterprises are promoting green development in the industry by introducing new biodegradable materials and accelerating waste plastic recycling technology. It is understood that many companies have already received good news from the beginning of 2024.

Launching new biodegradable materials

Recently, Yunhong Group announced the launch of a series of new plant-based biodegradable materials. It is reported that these plant-based biodegradable materials mainly utilize natural plant resources as raw materials and are scientifically processed and prepared. Among them, materials mainly composed of starch, cellulose, etc. have excellent biodegradability and can quickly decompose into harmless substances in the natural environment, reducing the degree of environmental pollution. It is worth mentioning that the plant-based biodegradable materials launched this time not only have good environmental benefits, but also have improved performance, which can meet the needs of different fields.

Yunhong Group stated that it will actively promote these new plant-based biodegradable materials and encourage more enterprises and consumers to adopt environmentally friendly alternatives. At the same time, the company will continue to explore innovation and bring more breakthroughs and progress to the field of environmental protection technology.

On February 14th, it was reported that Huicheng Environmental Protection has obtained a new invention patent authorization, titled "Preparation method of alkaline catalyst for thermal cracking of waste plastics", with patent application number CN202111318632.9. The patent abstract shows that the catalyst is an excellent catalyst for thermal cracking, with a layered structure. After alkali earth metal modification, it has uniformly distributed alkaline centers, which facilitates the diffusion of macromolecules and reduces coking.

On February 9, according to the announcement of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, Chongqing Hetai Runjia Co., Ltd. applied for an application named "an environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic and its preparation method", with the public number of CN117534874A. The patent abstract shows that the present invention increases the thermal properties of degradable plastics by adding thermoplastic starch and modified cellulose, and during degradation, nano hydroxyapatite is more susceptible to erosion and fracture, thereby improving degradation performance and increasing degradation efficiency.

Innovative technology for recycling and utilizing waste plastics

In January 2024, Kebelong launched a ZSK FilCo blending modified extruder specifically designed for PCR plastic recycling. This innovative ZSK FilCo system can achieve one-step filtration and blending modification of highly contaminated PCR plastics. It is reported that compared to the traditional two-step production line, the new ZSK FilCo from Kobelong adopts a more simplified equipment configuration, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in the extrusion process by more than 50%. In addition, ZSK FilCo can also achieve higher product quality; And handle different forms of recycled plastics, including recycled particles, fiber containing particles, film fragments, and oligomers.

In addition, chemical recycling company Mura Technology has also developed a unique HydroPRS ™ Technology. This pioneering process can convert waste plastics into recycled hydrocarbon products for the manufacture of new plastics and other petrochemical products. In 2024, Mura will begin commercial operations at its first production base, ReNew ELP, located in Teesside, UK.

Overall, the current environmental policy orientation is continuously promoting innovation in waste plastic recycling technology, and traditional plastic materials are being transformed into degradable plastics. Affected by this, the market size of related industries is expected to continue to expand, and a large number of production enterprises may also benefit, such as Jinfa Technology, Wanhua Chemical, Yingke Recycling, etc.

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