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Test chamber for UV aging

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:69

Product introduction

Ultraviolet aging test chamber uses fluorescent ultraviolet light, which is the closest analog to the ultraviolet spectrum in sunlight Light, combined with temperature control, humidity supply and other devices to analog the sun (ultraviolet segment) high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and rain that cause discoloration, brightness, loss of strength, cracking, peeling, powdering, oxidation and other damage to the material. At the same time, due to the synergistic effect between ultraviolet light and moisture, the single light resistance or single moisture resistance of the material is weakened or invalidated, so it is widely used in the evaluation of the weather resistance of materials. The equipment has the best sunlight UV simulation, low operating and maintenance costs, user-friendly, automatiequipment operation, high degree of test cycle automation, good light stability and high reproducibility of test results. Applicable to ASTMG154, GBT16422.3, GBT14522, GBT5170.9, GBT16776 and other standards.

Made of structural materials

1. Test room space: Depth 400×W1140×H390mm

2. Dimensions: Depth 500×W1300×H1360mm

3. Unit material: 304 stainless steel inside and outside

4. Sample holder: viewing board with aluminum alloy frame

5. Controller: Program controller with color touch screen or intelligent controller from RKC

6. Irradiation lamp: A-340 or B-3138 pcs (optional) 4 pcs per side, 2 sides in total

7. Two-way connection (RS232 communication interface, optional)

8. Power supply Leakage circuit breaker control circuit overload short circuit alarm, over temperature alarm, water shortage protection.

Technical parameters

1.Temperature range: RT+10℃~70 ℃

2. Humidity range: ≥90% RH

3. Temperature uniformity: ±1℃

4. Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5℃

5. Center distance in the lamp tube: 70 mm

6. Center distance between test product and lamp tube: 50 ± 3 mm

7. Irradiation: 1.0 Adjustable indoor W /m2

8. Lighting, condensation and spray test cycles are adjustable

9. Lamp: L=1200/40W, 8 pieces (A/B use Life is more than 1800h )

10. Controller: Korean color touch screen (TEMI880) or RKC intelligent controller

11. Temperature control method: PID self-adjusting SSR control

12. Standard sample size: 75×290mm (special specifications should be specified in the contract)

13. Tank water depth: 25mm automatic arrangement

14. Effective irradiation area: 900 × 290 mm

15. Ultraviolet wavelength: A range is 315-400nm, B range is 280-315nm

16. Test time: 0~999H (adjustable)

17. Bboard temperature radiation: 50℃~70℃

18. Standard sample rack: 24 pairs

19. The device has an automatic spraying function

Structure description

1. The UV aging test box is made of numerical control equipment, with advanced technology, smooth lines and beautiful appearance

2 UV aging The material of the test box is 1.2mm thick 304SUS high quality stainless steel

3. The air duct in the box has a single circulation system, and there is an imported axial fan, which greatly improves the airflow and heating capacity, Ensure the temperature uniformity in the test chamber

4. Lamp tube: special ultraviolet lamp tube, 8 pieces in two rows, 40W/unit

5. Lamp life: more than 1800 hours

6. Water source and consumption: about 8 liters of tap water or distilled water per day

7. Install 8 A or B ultraviolet lamps on both sides of the studio

8. The heating method is inner tank type heating, rapid heating and uniform temperature distribution

9. The lid of the box is two-way opening type, which is easy to seal

10. The water level of the inner tank Automatic refilling of water to avoid damage to the heating tube due to empty combustion

11. The sample holder is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy

12. The bottom of the unit is fixed with high quality PU movable wheels

13. Drainage system settling device drains water

14. The surface of the test sample is parallel to the plane of the ultraviolet lamp

15. The sprinkler system is equipped with automatic sprinklers, water pressure adjustable

Safety protection

1, earthing protection

2, overload short-circuit switch

3. Control circuit overload, short circuit fuse

4. Water shortage protection

5. Ovoverheating protection

Temperature control

The first-order optical response is not sensitive to temperature changes, but the speed of subsequent second-order responses is closely related to temperature changes. In general, as the temperature increases, the rate of reaction will increase. Therefore, temperature control during the ultraviolet exposure test is very important. to match the maximum temperature encountered in the application. The temperature of the UV process in the equipment is set between 50°C and 70°C, depending on the light level and ambient temperature in the room. The temperature adjustment of the equipment is achieved through a controller with a microcomputer calculation function to control a series of systems such as air heaters and water heaters in the equipment.


As the temperature rises, the destructive power of moisture on the materialalready increasing dramatically. Therefore, temperature control in the humid process is the most basic requirement. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a high temperature environment during the humid process to produce an acceleration effect. Therefore, the temperature in the condensation process is set to an arbitrary point between 40°C and 60°C.

Heating system

1. Titanium alloy high speed U-shaped electric heating tube

2. Temperature control and light are completely independent system

3. The temperature control output power is calculated by microcomputer to achieve high precision and high efficiency in electricity consumption

4. The heating system has the function of preventing overheating:

1) The temperature of the blackboard is controlled by a program controller with color touch screen or a temperature controller with digital buttons. The outputrmogen is calculated by a microcomputer and the PID is self-tuning. standard PT100 blackboard temperature sensor is used for monitoring.

2) The temperature of the water tank is controlled by a Korean color touch screen temperature controller. The water tank is located in the lower part of the box and has a built-in electric water heater. During the test, there is a test part which is the dark condensation process, which requires saturated water vapor at a relatively high temperature to be generated inside the cabinet. When the water vapor encounters a relatively cold sample surface, dew condenses on the sample surface.

Equipment operating conditions

1. Ambient temperature: 5°C~+32°C;

2. Ambient humidity: ≤ 85%;

3. Power requirements: AC220(±10%)V/50HZ two-phase three-wire system

4. Pre-installed capacity: 5KW