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FLR-303 Transparent Tape Peel Strength Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:21

Product introduction

Equipment usage:

1. Professional testing of mobile phone film and card film peeling test

2. Professional testing of the adhesive strength of medical supplies

3. Pull-off, peeling, welding strength of electronic components. Small distortion. Test

4. Test the adhesive strength of non-drying labels

5. Printed circuit board tensile test

6. Spring test

7. Adhesion test in various industries, it is suitable for peeling, shearing and tensile testing of adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive materials, composite films, artificial leather, woven bags, films, paper and other related products.

Test Standard

Scotch Tape Peel Strength Tester shall comply with JB 706—77 \"Technical Conditions for Mechanical Tensile Testing Machine\" about the required qualification testing machine.

This product Scotch Tape PeelStrength Tester is designed and manufactured to the relevant specifications of GB17200. Tensile Test), GB2792 (180° peel strength test of pressure sensitive adhesive tape), GB4 (low speed unwind strength test), GB7754 (shear strength test), GB8808 (peel strength test of composite film), ZBY28004 (heat seal strength test), GB13022 (film tensile test), GB7753 (pressure sensitive adhesive tape tensile test) and other test methods, applicable to adhesives, adhesive tapes, stickers, composite films, artificial leather, woven bags, films, paper Peel, shear and break tests for related products

Technical parameters:

Instrument model: FLR-303 Scotch tape peel strength tester

Machine capacity: 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N (optional)

Power accuracy: ≤±0 .5%

Display: computer screen

Control method: full computer operation mode

Test stroke: 600mm can be extended according to customer\'s needs

Test width: 120 mm

Test speed: 1-500mm/min keyboard input control

Power unit: kg, g, N, Ib, etc. freely convertible

Control method: frequency conversion , steps and servo can be fully automatic Control (with fully automatic return to origin)

Machine power: stepper motor drive, same step wheel and precision ball screw

Machine size: 500x 500 x 1200mm (W×D ×H)

Machine weight: about 60kg

Power consumption: 220V 50/60HZ 5A

Stop mode: Overload stop, emergency stop button, automatic stop when specimen is damaged, automatic stop at set upper and lower limits, automatic reset function

Standard configuration: 1 set of clamps, computer software, USB computer connection;

Optional accessories: Personal computer

Function and structure

Peel strength of scotch tape The testing machine is mainly used for tensile testing of metal plates , threads and fibres, tensile, compressive andbending testing of plastics, rubber and composite materials, tensile, peel and weld strength testing of electronic components, circuit boards Flexural strength test, brushed circuit board stripping test, spring, cycle, fatigue and other tests mechanical testing machine testing software interface is luxurious, super powerful, low-cost and cost-effective. This set of software can be used for pulling, pressing, bending, folding, cutting, peeling and other tests are suitable for metal, non-metal, various special materials and finished products. Almost all test items have been covered in this version of the software. The use of fuzzy control makes debugging this set of operating systems extremely easy and the testing software is easy to learn. .

*Power: frequency conversion or stepper system

*Transmission components: imported from Germany zero backlash precision ball screw and timing belt

*guided optical axis: It is made of steel with a high hardnesswith hardening treatment, glossy surface, wear-resistant, never rust, no deformation, etc.

*The fuselage is made of exquisite high-quality cast aluminum alloy and high-quality special anode and baking paint treatment Beautiful and durable , no discoloration and no discoloration

* Clamp structure: The universal quick release clamp connection with special matching design is adopted, and the installation of the clamp is fast, convenient, accurate and practical. To improve test efficiency

*Power: High-precision computer drives and motors are used to achieve more precise control of speed and position, combined with German ball screwless precision and high-resolution data acquisition systems, so that Realize the accuracy of force value, position and speed and other results

Software introduction:

This software can read test data, curves, speed, materiaindependently check and easily display al specifications and other functions, and combined with a micro printer to print test results, and has the function of automatically returning to the origin. This software is also a (host computer) connection function: connect to a personal computer through the USB interface and R232 serial port, can perform two-way data transmission, directly use computer software to enter the machine control, data analysis, curve drawing, etc. function.

Tensile (holding stress), compression (holding pressure), bending, shear, tear and peel tests can be performed. PC and interface card are used to collect, store, process and print test results. Calculation of maximum force, yield strength and average shell force, maximum deformation, yield strength, modulus of elasticity and other parameters; waveform processing, support for multiple sensors, graphical interface, flexible datans processing and MS-ACCESS database support make the system more powerful.