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Lamp type Anti-yellow aging test chamber

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Product Introduction

Incandescent Bulb Resistant Yellow aging test chamber can do two kinds of test: aging and anti-yellowing aging: this machine can promote the deterioration of vulcanized rubber to calculate the rate of change of tensile force and elongation before and after heating. to be tested at 70°C One day theoretically corresponds to 6 months exposure to the atmosphere.

Anti-yellowing: This machine has been simulated in the atmospheric environment, exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, the appearance change is generally regarded as tested at 50℃ for 9 hours, which is theoretically equivalent to exposure to the atmosphere for 6 months.

Instrument Standards

Bulb Type Anti-Yellow Aging Test ChamberThe design and test conform to JIS-P8127,ASTM D1148 and other standards

Instrument parameters

Instrument model: FLR-204 Sphere type yellow aging test box

Inner box size: 50×50×60cm

Temperature control range: normal temperature up to 200℃.

Control method: automatic calculation controller

Temperature display: 0.1℃

Control accuracy: ±3℃

Division accuracy: ± 1 °C ( at -100°C)

Time memory: 0-999 hours, power failure memory type, including buzzer

Turntable speed: ¢45cm, 10±2 revolutions/ Minutes

UV light source: UV300W lamp

Standard accessories: 2 sanding boards

Heating method: hot air circulation

Safety protection : super temperature and shutdown indicator light, ammeter for safety overload switch

Material: internal SUS#304 stainless steel plate, external high-quality baking paint

Dimensions: (L×W×H) 114×94×130 cm

Power supply: 1∮, AC220V, 15A

Weight: 140kg