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Surface tension meter

Author: Released in:2024-03-27 Click:12

Surface tension meter

Surface tension meter

1、 Main use:

The liquid surface tension tester is used in conjunction with mask blood penetration testers and other related mask testers to measure the surface tension of surfactants, organic solvents, mixtures containing one or more surfactants, and pure liquids or solutions.

2、 Applicable standard: GB/T 5549-2010

3、 Main advantages:

1. Automatically read the surface tension balance value;

2. Manual lifting has two gears for quick and fine adjustment, making the operation simple and reliable;

3. One click reset, absolutely correct;

4. One click calibration, combined with randomly attached standard weights, accurate and fast;

5. Platinum plate method or platinum ring method can be used;

6. Equipped with real-time curve software, connected to the computer, the tension value data curve graph can be clearly displayed.

4、 Main parameters:

1. Measurement method: plate (or ring);

2. Measurement range: 0-400N/m;

3. Zui small resolution: 0.1N/m;

4. Standard error: ± 0.1N/m (secondary distilled water at 20 ℃);

5. Repeatability: ± 0.1N/m;

6. Display method: LCD;

7. Platform lifting method: manual: divided into two gears: fast and fine adjustment;

8. Signal output interface: RS232C;

9. Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10V;

10. External dimensions (mm): 300 x 290 x 400;

11. Net weight: 7kg;

12. Synchronous curve software: We provide a free set of curve software. By installing the program on the computer, we can simultaneously display the tension value curve graph, data, time, and also save the data for customers to query.

5、 Main accessories:

1. Host: 1 unit;

2. Tweezers: 1 piece;

3. Platinum ring: 1 piece;

4. Alcohol lamp: 1;

5. Glassware: 2 sets;

6. Operating a USB drive: 1;

7. Standard weight: 1;

8. Synchronous curve software: 1 set.