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Textile ozone color fastness test box

Author: Released in:2024-03-27 Click:21

Textile ozone color fastness test box

Textile ozone color fastness test box

Compliant with standards:

ISO105-G03, AATCC109, GB/T11041

Applicable scope:

The textile ozone color fastness test box is used to test the color fastness of fabrics exposed to ozone, and meets the AATCC109 standard.

Product details:

The ozone test chamber consists of an ozone generator, a fan, a baffle, a sample holder, and a sample compartment. The ozone generator utilizes a high-voltage transformer to discharge through a grid. The generator is placed in front of the low-pressure fan. Spray ozone into the test chamber through a partition system. The sample holder is a separation clip installed on a metal wire slip ring, which can be suitable for various sizes of samples.

The device is equipped with an efficient ozone generator, controller, closed-loop ozone concentration control, and a rotating sample holder that can accommodate 24 samples. Through simple settings, pre-set parameters and current parameters can be displayed on the screen, thereby improving the controllability of the device and the accuracy of test results.

Instrument characteristics:

1. The stainless steel test chamber and the fully enclosed gas circuit for producing ozone through silent discharge ensure that the entire generation and capture of ozone gas are enclosed, ensuring personal safety.

2. Ozone aeration chamber: composed of an ozone generator, fan, baffle, and sample chamber.

3. Includes instrument operation panel, ozone generation module, detection module, gas flow module, ozone environment test chamber, as well as temperature controlled water tank, motor, various pipelines and electromechanical systems, activated carbon cylinder, etc.

4. USB reads ozone generation data, concentration detection data, humidity, temperature, and displays the above data and curves on the computer screen.

In addition to computers, time recorders and timers are also installed on electrical panels. The time recorder is used to accumulate the usage hours of this instrument, as well as the operating time of the ozone generator and ozone detector, for regular maintenance purposes.

6. Automatic shutdown, multiple safety protection devices: power overload, control circuit overload, short circuit protection, grounding protection, motor overload protection, over temperature protection.

7. The instrument is mounted on movable wheels that can be fixed, making it easy to move and fix.

8. The design of the ozone test chamber is good, and the ozone flow is uniform and smooth.

Ozone production system:

A. Ozone generation system: precision ceramic high-voltage flat discharge.

Ozone concentration range: Any continuous range of 20-1000pphm can be set arbitrarily.

Accurate value of ozone concentration: 2% across the entire range.

Ozone removal device: activated carbon.

B. Ozone detection system:

Concentration detection system range: 0-1000pphm.

Automatic zeroing correction.

Measurement accuracy (standard model): ± 2%, display resolution: 0.1pphm

C. Ozone removal system:

A unique triple ozone removal system ensures that there will be no ozone leakage during sampling, which will have an impact on the working environment.

Technical parameters:

1. Ozone environment test chamber size: 400 (width) x 400 (depth) x 500 (height) mm (i.e. 80L) or as specified by the customer

2. Ozone concentration: 0-1000 pphm, control accuracy ± 2% pphm

3. Temperature control: 0-95 ℃, control accuracy ± 1.0 ℃

4. Humidity control: 30-95%, control accuracy ± 2% RH

5. Sample hanger: 24 sample hangers, capable of testing 24 samples simultaneously

6. Sample rack speed in the warehouse: 0-2r/min, adjustable

7. External dimensions: 120 * 110 * 165cm

8. Weight: 250kg

9. Power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz, 4500W, 10A (including the total power consumption of air supply, cooling, humidity control system, ozone high-pressure generator, etc.)

Test method:

A sample and a control standard are placed in an ozone test chamber at room temperature (64-82F) and relative humidity of 67%, until the color of the control standard fades to match the fading standard. This experimental stage is one cycle. Repeat this cycle until the sample reaches the specified color change or reaches the predetermined number of cycles. Observe the degree of color change to determine the color fastness of the fabric to ozone.