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Smoke color fastness tester

Author: Released in:2024-05-08 Click:19

Smoke color fastness tester

Smoke color fastness tester

Compliant with standards:

AATCC 23, BS 1006: G02, GB/T 11040

Applicable scope:

Test the color fastness of fabrics when exposed to nitrogen oxides produced by gas combustion.

Product details:

The sample and test control fabric are simultaneously exposed to nitrogen oxide smoke generated by gas combustion until the color change of the control fabric is consistent with the standard fading. Evaluate the color fastness level of the sample by comparing its color changes with the standard gray card. If no discoloration of the sample is observed after one test cycle, the specified number of test cycles or the required number of test cycles to produce the specified discoloration of the sample can be continued.

The instrument includes a testing room, combustion chamber, control box, observation door, control panel, timer, temperature controller, air valve switch, fan, and smoke exhaust device. The instrument automatically controls and displays temperature.

Technical parameters:

1. Transparent observation window;

2. Test duration timer;

3. Configure a temperature controller to automatically control and display the temperature of the testing room;

4. Exhaust port, connected to the exhaust system;

5. Test box material: stainless steel;

6. Surface treatment: painting;

7. Rotating frame speed: 2r/min;

8. Sample size: 100mm x 40mm;

9. Test temperature: ≤ 60 ℃;

10. Boundary dimensions: 780 x 670 x 1100mm (length x width x height);

11. Weight: 140kg (309lb);

12. Power supply: 220/110V, 50/60Hz, 3A.

Instrument configuration:

1 set of stainless steel test box

2. One set of rotating test stand

3. Standard burner 1 set

4. One ignition gun

5. One set of exhaust equipment

6. 12 spring clips

7. Auxiliary tools: gray sample card, control standard sample, reference standard sample