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Alcohol eraser pencil wear tester

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Alcohol eraser pencil wear tester

Alcohol eraser pencil wear tester

This test machine complies with the relevant standards such as UL817, which stipulate that special rubber is fixed on the surface of the friction hammer of this machine and can be safely used under a certain load and frequency. It is suitable for manufacturers and quality inspection departments to conduct wear tests on the surface of accessories such as mobile phones and keyboards to evaluate their wear resistance. This machine adopts a variable convex shaft structure and is driven by Japanese original ball bearings, allowing the work to move left and right with the servo motor. It also has the function of adjusting the speed and stroke during testing (without shutting down), making adjustment very easy. Can display the testing speed and set the number of tests; In order to achieve wear resistance and friction life tests on various printed materials such as oil spray and screen printing on the surface of products, the friction media used are erasers, cotton cloth, etc. This device is widely used in manufacturing industries such as plastics, wires, appliances, leather, etc.

Purpose of wear and friction testing machine:

This machine is suitable for various plastic products, such as computers, mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, CD/VCD/DVD players, cordless phones, electronic dictionaries, household appliances, etc., to undergo wear and tear tests on the surfaces of oil spraying, screen printing, transfer printing, painting, and electroplating.

Principle of wear and friction testing machine:

This friction testing machine adopts a variable cam structure and is driven by an imported roller track, allowing the workpiece to move up and down with the motor, thereby achieving a wear and friction life test on the surface of the test object. This machine is mainly used for wear and friction tests on the oil spray and silk screen surfaces of various products. The ratio of the friction surface (under a certain load) to the untested after a certain stroke and speed friction test.

Technical parameters required:

Test load: 60-1000g

Large load capacity: 5kg

Test stroke: 10-80mm (adjustable)

Test speed: 10-100rpm/min

Speed regulation method: knob

Load weight: 50,80100200500g

Machine size: 450 * 380 * 460 (W * D * H) mm

Machine weight: 25kg

Power supply: 220V, 50HZ

Comes with: 2 Malaysian 7017R erasers

Characteristics of Wear and Friction Testing Machine:

This testing machine can perform three tests: alcohol, eraser wear resistance, and pencil scratch.

Equipped with fixtures:

1. Rubber eraser testing fixture

2. Alcohol friction test head (can be used for dry or wet friction with standard white cotton cloth)

3. Pencil scratch fixture