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Brushing color fastness tester

Author: Released in:2024-05-08 Click:18

Brushing color fastness tester

Brushing color fastness tester

Applicable scope:

This instrument is suitable for use in industries such as textiles, knitted fabrics, leather, electrochemical metal plates, printing, etc. Conduct a friction test to evaluate color fastness. Therefore, it is provided to various production and research units for routine testing and standard formulation. This instrument adopts technology and is equipped with a self-control circuit, making it the most advanced color fastness friction tester at home and abroad.

Applicable standards:

GB/T3920-2008/5712/420; ISO105-X12/D02, AATCC8/165, JIS L0849, etc.

Structural principle:

This tester mainly consists of a test bench, push rod, connecting rod, friction brush head fixing block, counting preselector, etc. According to the method standard requirements, the reciprocating stroke of the friction brush is 100mm, and the reciprocating speed is 60r/min. The instrument uses an eccentric shaft connecting rod to drive the push rod to achieve reciprocating linear motion, and a permanent magnet low-speed motor with a speed of 60r/min is used to meet the requirements of friction brush speed. Use a counting preselector to preset the number of rubs (1-99 times), install the friction head or brush, and then the test can be carried out according to the method standard requirements.

Instrument characteristics:

1. High quality motor drive, efficient and low energy consumption.

2. Key components such as cranks are made of high-quality stainless steel

Main technical indicators:

Model A, B, C, N

Test frequency 1~9999 1~9999, LED

Friction range 105mm 104 ± 4mm

Friction speed (times/minute) manual control 60

Friction pressure 9N

Friction head circular: φ 16mm circular: φ 16mm

Square: 19 x 25.4mm Standard nylon brush Circular: φ 16mm

Square: 19 x 25.4mm

Standard nylon brush

External dimensions 620 x 160 x 230mm 770 x 280 x 250mm (L x W x H)

Power supply - AC220V, 40W