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Yellow resistant test box

Author: Released in:2024-05-08 Click:17

Yellow resistant test box

Yellow resistant test box

Applicable scope:

Test method for determining the degree of yellowing resistance of light and white products such as shoe uppers and soles to approximate exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet light.

Based on light or white products, the phenomenon of color yellowing is prone to occur when exposed to natural sunlight for a long time. Using a sun lamp and a heating and temperature control device to simulate a natural environment, observe the changes in the surface color of the sample within a specified time, determine the degree of color change of the sample, and thus determine the material's ability to withstand yellowing under solar radiation.

Applicable standards:

HG/T3986, ASTM D1748, etc.

Main technical indicators:

Light source: German original imported 300W ultraviolet UV bulb;

Temperature range: room temperature+5 ℃~200 ℃;

Temperature uniformity: ± 2 ℃;

Electric heating power: divided into two groups: 500W and 1000W;

Temperature control: LED digital display, PID temperature controller;

Time control: 0-9999 minutes or 0-9999 hours;

Test stand: 400mm diameter, adjustable speed of 1-20rpm, single-layer test turntable;

Studio size: 500 x 500 x 600mm (W x D x H);

External dimensions: 500 x 500 x 600mm (W x D x H);

Power supply: AC220V, 1.8KW.

Safe ventilation system:

1. Built in circulating air system to ensure temperature uniformity: 1% (calculated based on high temperature);

2. Built in adjustable ventilation outlet: By changing the size of the outlet and adjusting the ventilation volume moderately, it is very convenient to adjust.

3. Air change adjustment range: 8-40 times/hour. Timer: 999.9 hours can be set. (Optional features include power-off hold and automatic power on).