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Single input radiometer

Author: Released in:2024-04-12 Click:34

Single input radiometer

Single input radiometer

PMA2200 single input radiometers, exposure meters/photometers, and UV photometers can measure ultraviolet, visible, and infrared with over 35 different detectors.

Most radiometers require dedicated sensors, so users cannot confuse the use of sensors and radiometers. The company's patented intelligent detection technology allows users to exchange detectors without compromising the functionality of its single purpose radiometer. This simplified model allows for direct operation of all functions from the keyboard.

The radiation characteristics of PMA2200 include graphical display, complex processing algorithms, selectable measurement units, mean values, maximum and minimum tracking values, and programmable alarm thresholds - all within this small handheld device. The PMA2200 radiometer is compatible with all PMA21XX series sensors and detectors, making it a very flexible and economical device.

The product bundle includes a PMA2200 radiometer, a universal power supply (not a battery charger), a NIST calibration certificate, a radiometer for a hard leather suitcase, and two sensors.

Product features:

High dynamic range (6.5 digit display)

More than 35 standby detector options

Users can choose units

2-Line LCD anti glare display screen

Display minimum and maximum readings

Display average reading

Dose integration

Programmable I/O

Built in radiation capability

Detectors that accept up to 4 signals

Product accessories:

PMA2100/2200 adapter, 95-240VAC input

Battery replacement, nickel cadmium battery, AA, industrial, rechargeable

Battery replacement, alkaline, AA, industrial, disposable

Including accessories

PMA2200 Packaging:

Hard carry case for storing test tables and 2 sensors

Universal power supply only for instruments, not chargers

NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

Application field:

Can be used with over 35 different sensors to measure UVA, UVB, UVC, visible light, and infrared radiation

Measurement from UV to IR

Accelerate UV exposure testing for color fastness and material stability of paints, textiles, and plastics

Photobiological research on plant, animal, and cell cultures

Research on Phototoxicity

Scientific research and education

Atmospheric research

Clinical trials on photosensitive patients

Quality control of cured UV active adhesives and coatings

SPF testing for sunscreen and cosmetics

Photostability testing of drugs and cosmetics

Quality assurance/control of ultraviolet sterilization equipment

Technical parameters:

Detector input: One detector can input up to four analog signals.

Input range: ± 4 V, single range (range not required)

Resolution: 3 microvolts (4V range)

Dynamic range: 2.6 X10 ^ 6 (6.5 bits)

Precision: 0.5% FS

Nonlinear: 0.003% integral nonlinearity

Temperature coefficient: max 50 ppm/° C

Sample selection rate: 3 seconds

Screen refresh rate: every 10 seconds

Operating temperature: 0 to 50 ° C

Power consumption: 110 MW

Battery: 4xaa alkaline battery

Battery life:>40 hours of continuous use

External power supply: 9-12V DC or AC adapter. Min 100mA.

Weight: 18 ounces (510 grams)

Size: 4 "Wx 7.6" Hx 1.75 "D (10x19.5x4.5 cm)

LCD display size: 2.5 "x 0.5" (6.4 x 1.3 cm) program control 9-keyboard buttons x 4.5 cm)