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SEM type stamping equipment

Author: Released in:2024-04-12 Click:30

SEM type stamping equipment

SEM type stamping equipment

PROXIMA brings high-quality material testing to scanning electron microscopes. Its unique and compact design allows the instrument to perform tensile, compressive, 3- and 4-point bending, and biaxial testing in EBSD analysis. Customers can achieve high-resolution adjustments through its optimized design.

Unlike traditional testing equipment that has two columns on each side of the test sample, the new PROXIMA repositions this mechanism behind the test sample. Reducing the number of ball screws allows for the opening of the area on one side of the sample, which has better technical advantages. The instrument has more space for EBSD detectors and can perform tests with sample screen distances below 12 millimeters.

Technical parameters:

Testing: tension, compression, bending, biaxial

Force capacity: 3.5kN

Dimensions: 185 x 86 x 56 mm

Weight: 1.7kg

Cross head stroke: 15 mm (50mm sample)

Maximum speed test: 50? M/s

Minimum rate test: 0.1? M/s

Displacement sensor: resolution+/-20nm

Force sensor:

Linear<+/-0.25% of F.S

Lag<+/-0.25% F.S