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Bright light detector

Author: Released in:2024-04-12 Click:27

Bright light detector

Bright light detector

The spectral response of PMA 2130 bright light detector is based on the CIE bright light interaction spectrum, which is a portable photodetector (LUX detector).

The design of this detector has a spectral response, such as the visual response of the human eye in the bright field of vision.

The luminous flux emitted by a uniform point light source of candlelight within a unit solid angle is lumens [lm]. The relationship between effective watts and dark flow has changed many times, and now it is assumed to be 683 lm/W. For example, a monochromatic radiation flux of 555 nm and 1W will carry 1lm of luminous flux.

The PMA2130 bright vision detector has a PTFE diffuser to ensure that the approach angle response is close to the cosine function (the response of the Lambertian cosine function). This is particularly important when measuring radiation flux from an extended source or from the axis of a detector positioned at an angle.

Product application:

PMA2130 measures the light intensity in the visible spectral region. Can be used for spectrophotometry, industrial and laboratory safety, environmental monitoring, industrial lighting, art and museum maintenance, photography and studios, clinical research, etc.

Product features:

Excellent long-term stability, cosine correction, high sensitivity, NIST traceability correction, dynamic range 2 * 105, radiation unit