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Simple porosity meter

Author: Released in:2024-04-03 Click:24

Simple porosity meter

Simple porosity meter

The convenient porosity meter is designed using advanced technology. A wet liquid automatically fills the pores on the sample and replaces the liquid in the pores with a non reactive gas. It accurately measures the air pressure and flow rate passing through the wet/dry sample, and is used to remove the liquid in the pores and generate fluid flow. The required air pressure is given below:

D=hole diameter

R=surface tension of liquid

θ = Liquid contact angle

P=gas pressure difference

By measuring the pressure and flow rate, the pore throat diameter, pore size distribution, and gas permeability can be calculated.

Product application:

The simple porosity meter is widely used and can be used in various industries. Its unique characteristics, especially the ability to quickly generate high reproducibility data, make it very suitable for quality control and process control operations.

Instrument functions:

1. The diameter at the narrowest part (throat) of the hole;

2. Bubble point (through the largest pore throat diameter);

3. Average flow hole diameter (50% of the flow through the hole is less than the average flow);

4. Hole diameter range;

5. Hole distribution.

Product features:

1. Fully automatic and easy to use.

2. Each experiment only takes a few minutes.

3. Pre set experimental parameters.

4. Requires minimal operator intervention and minimal intervention time.

5. It is an ideal device for quickly generating highly reproducible data.

6. The diversity of sample shapes and sizes.

7. Requires minimal machine maintenance.

8. Current graphic display.

9. Based on Microsoft software for all control, measurement, data collection, data simplification, and report preparation.

Technical parameters:

Pressure accuracy: 0.15% reading

Test pressure: 100psi instrument version (700kpa instrument version)

Pressure&flow resolution: 1/60000

Maximum pore size detection: 80 μ M

Flow rate: up to 200SLPM (standard liters per minute)

Sample size: 1 "diameter (up to 1.5" thickness)

Sample geometry: sheets, rods, tubes, hollow fibers, boxes, powders, etc

Pore size range: 80 μ M~0.06 μ M