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Multi angle glossmeter

Author: Released in:2024-04-03 Click:17

Multi angle glossmeter

Multi angle glossmeter

The V-6P multi angle glossmeter is an optical all-in-one measuring machine, the only variable angle glossmeter in the world. The incident angle can be adjusted between 20-85 degrees, and the reflection angle can be adjusted between 0-85 degrees. The adjustment accuracy is 1 degree. In order to achieve better measurement results, the sum of the incident angle and the reflection angle must be greater than 30 degrees. The range of multi angle measurement is much larger than that of traditional fixed angle measurement, which can meet the gloss measurement requirements of users at different angles.

Applicable scope:

There is an angle measuring scale in the middle of the UGV-6P device for precise angle installation, and the measurement value can be easily obtained by placing the sample on the installation platform. Multi angle glossometers are widely used in industries such as paint coatings and metallic paints.

Technical parameters:

Measurement angle range: 20 °~85 ° incidence, 0 °! 85 ° reflection (the sum of incident angle and reflection angle must be greater than 30 °)

Light source: halogen lamp 6V 10W (with a lifespan of approximately 2000 hours)

Light receiver: combination of silicon photocell and filter

Aperture diameter: Φ 45mm( φ 8mm optional)

Statistical processing: an average of 99 readings plus standard deviation

Data storage: up to 1000 readings

Tolerance: Δ Gs standard deviation within 0.1 (after 10 consecutive measurements on the gloss calibration standard plate)

Size and weight: approximately 51 (W) x 37 (D) x 36 (H) cm (weight: 15kg)