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Shoebel T106 Abrasion Tester Operation Steps

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:77

Shoebel T106 wear resistance tester adopts rotational wear testing method and is mainly used for testing the wear resistance of automobile interior materials. This is a test equipment independently developed and produced by our company, qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., with high cost performance and after-sales service. complete.

Complies with standards:

DIN 53863 part 2 \"Abrasion resistance test of textile surfaces (rotational abrasion test)\", GME 60345 standard, GMW 3283 standard , VW/Audi Zentral PV 3908 standard

Operation steps:

1. Prepare the accessories first and test samples;

 2. Place the prepared sample into the clamp and tighten it;

3. Fix the clamping device on the loading platform equipped with the friction head;

4. From the side of the instrument, oropen the hidden compartment, take out the weight and load the weight onto the instrument;

5. Lower the top pressure device so that the friction head contacts the sample;

6. Open the instrument switch and enter the LCD operation interface;

7. Set the total rotation and unidirectional rotation values;

8. Start and perform rotating friction between the sample and the friction head;


9. When the rotation setting value is reached, the instrument automatically stops and the clamp is removed;

10. Disassemble the clamp and remove the sample;

11. Instrument test At the end, take the sample for analysis and comparison to evaluate the wear resistance of the material.

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