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Seam Fatigue Tester Operation Process أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:83

Operation process of seam fatigue tester

Operation process of seam fatigue tester Operation process:

The operator installs a height adjustment gauge between a pair of sample holders at the test position. Align the sewn sample and secure it in place, remove the height gauge. Install the second test station, align and secure the second sample in position, remove the measuring stick, enter the number of test cycles into the meter, and start the test. Once the set test period is reached, the machine will stop automatically, based on the visual evaluation of the test samples.

Applicable scope of seam fatigue tester:

Leather seam fatigue tester- seam fatigue strength tester is used to evaluate the seam fatigue strength of car seat surface material. LCar seat surface materials (genuine leather, synthetic leather, fabric, etc.) are mostly spliced ​​and stitched structures. The seam strength of the material of the seams and the fatigue resistance of the seams directly affect the life of the seats. By testing the strength and joint life of materials, the life of the seat can be effectively predicted and the direction of improvement to increase the life can be given.

Test standard:

Toyota TSL 5101G(3.7), GMW 3405, Nissan M-0154, Ford Motor Co. BN 106-02, TSL 5100G Section 4.22

Fields of application:

The seam fatigue tester is a 2-station desktop device used to evaluate the resistance to tearing from elongation of textile or leather seat materials. cracks or pinholes in the seams. Each test position includes a pair of corresponding clamps to secure the samplen, and the height gauge is used to set the distance between the clamps of each test position to 140 mm.

Technical Parameters of Seam Fatigue Tester:

1. Number of stations: 2;

2. Sample load 3kg;

3. Speed: 30 reciprocations/min;

4. Counter: at least four (standard ard 2500 test circles);

5. Stroke: 140mm;

6. Test spacing: 120, 124, 140 adjustable;

7. Fixture Width: 50mm;

8. Dimensions: 13×31×17 inches (L×W×H);

9. Weight: 50 kg (110 lb).

Seam Fatigue Test Instrument Features:

1. Mechanical components are made of non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel structural materials;

2. Durable powder coating and anodized surface treatment;

3. Precision ball and needle bearings;

4. Programmable controller with auto-off function;

5. Canbe adjusted by inch and the test speed is adjustable;

6. The height of the weight frame is adjustable;

7. The distance between the clamps is adjustable;

8. The retractable protective cover can protect the operator\'s hands and avoid any danger from contact with the test bench.