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Technical Parameters of ILD Load and Deflection Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:106

Technical Parameters of ILD Load and Deflection Tester

ILD Load and Deflection Tester/Deflection Tester is PC. lateral vertical compressor with load and displacement data acquisition capabilities.

The tester is also capable of performing automatic indentation-load-deflection (ILD) tests. We have made PC-side control systems and software packages compatible with our competitors\' older machines. The system replaces the original mechanical method of data collection and offers tremendous control, automation and accuracy. The upgrade approach is nice and logical.

The vertical ram is electromechanically driven by a variable speed motor, mounted on a manual X-Y gantry with travel lock. The piston has both a displacement sensor and a load sensor mounted on the bottom plate above the included adapter.us. The fixed mounting plate at the bottom is flat steel with a 4\" threaded hole?\" - 13, and the test sample can be clamped through the threaded hole.ead if necessary.

ILD Part Inspection A special test platen is used with load springs predefined in the corners because the height of the sample is established by touching the surface of the platform with a push rod. at the start of the test. This special testing step also reduces load cell overload by pressing against a hard surface. Possibility. The preload test bench is compressible, but not beyond the preload value, which is slightly lower than that of the load cell. The belt surface of the test rig features rows of vents to allow trapped air to escape.

The P.C. Side Control System is housed in a self-contained box mounted in rack and works in a Win type environmentdows, requiring less operator training. Once the operator has entered all relevant test parameters into the system, it will automatically run the load-deflection test sequence or ILD test sequence.

A After the test is completed, the ILD Load and Deflection Tester will generate a test report and print out. In the load-strain test In the test case, the printed file is a color plot with all parameter information printed in a suitable window area at the edges. The hysteresis energy calculation is also displayed on the window diagram. In the case of the ILD test, the printed file is rather in tabular format, because the final result is a simple numerical value