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Relevant influencing factors of digital fabric burst strength test

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Digital fabric burst strength machine Relevant influencing factors of the test

The digital fabric burst strength machine covers a certain area of ​​the sample on the elastic diaphragm and uses a specified size Tighten the ring clamp and gently increase the fluid pressure under the elastic diaphragm to cause the sample to rupture within a certain time interval. The maximum measured value of liquid pressure, minus the correction number of the elastic diaphragm, corresponds to the value of the tested sample. Bursting resistance value. The instrument adopts new sensor technology, high-speed sampling; microcomputer control, liquid crystal display and printing. Suitable for testing burst strength and height of woven, knitted, non-woven fabrics, papers or sheets.

Analysis of factors influencing the measurementure of tissue bursting:

The factors influencing tissue bursting can be discussed from two aspects: internal factors of the tissue and external factors of the test:

 1 .The fabric itself

The factors of the fabric itself are formed during the processes of weaving, dyeing, finishing and finishing.

1. The influence of the tensile breaking strength of the fabric. The greater the breaking strength, the greater the bursting strength.

2. The influence of the difference in warp and weft structure and yarn properties. If the difference is large, the burst strength will be low. If the difference is small, the burst strength will be high.

 3. The influence of elongation and shrinkage of weave (mainly knitted fabrics) The greater the elongation and shrinkage of weave, the greater the bursting strength, the greater the linear density is greater, the more thebursting resistance is high.

4. The greater the strength of the attachment points between the fibers (mainly for non-woven fabrics), the greater the bursting resistance of the fabric.

5. The effects of friction, curling and entanglement between fibers. The greater the degree of friction, curling and entanglement, the greater the bursting force.

6. Influence of fabric structure

As for the bursting resistance of knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics are poor and woven fabrics are in the middle.

The spools of the knitted fabric are connected together to form a piece, and together they resist elongation and deformation until the fabric bursts. Knitting consists of spools connected in series. When subjected to a bursting force, the coils first straighten and elongate. Only then was it broken.

Sample uniformity, temperature and humidity, test area, test conditions (fixed oil pressure rate and fixed burst time), instruments and equipment, etc.

2. Testing of external factors

The influence of three factors: test area, experimental conditions and equipment on the test results of fabric bursting strength:

1. Test sample area: experiments confirmed that when the sample area is different, the sample bursting strength varies considerably. Generally speaking, the smaller the test area, the higher the bursting strength value.

2. Test conditions: Different rates of constant oil pressure have little impact on the test.

3. Test equipment: The burst strength of different equipment changes randomly.