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How to Evaluate Hydrostatic Pressure Tester Test Results

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:83

Hydrostatic pressure resistance tester Method for evaluating test results

The hydrostatic pressure resistance tester is made of stainless steel and provides a platform horizontal test. There is a 100 cm2 test tank on the platform. The outer circle of the test tank has a rubber O-ring, and the pressure sensor is installed in the test hole. There is also a leveling bubble on the platform, which allows you to control the level of the platform by rotating the feet. Above the platform is a fixed frame that allows the triangular pressure cloth cover to fit into the test slot. The inner diameter of the triangular pressure fabric cover is 100 cm2. The triangular tissue pressing cover can be moved up and down by the rotating handle to place and clamp the tissue sample to be tested. Under the plAt the form is the hydrostatic power part, which includes water tank, electromagnetic pump, conduit, water level inspection, drain valve, calibration interface, etc.

The hydrostatic pressure tester applies increasing (dynamic test) or constant (static test) water pressure to the sample until water escapes from three different locations on the sample. \'sample. After testing at least 3 samples, measure and calculate the average maximum water pressure of the fabric (the unit of measurement is mBar or cmH2O). This value is the water-repellent nature of the sample.

The specific method is that the sample is fixed on a standard area test area, and the air compressor adds 0-5 bar air into a water tank filled with distilled water, and the water with a certain pressure acts on the sample. . Testing can be performed via dynamic or static methods. The methoddynamic determines the sample\'s resistance to hydrostatic pressure by testing the pressure when a fixed number of water droplets escape from one side of the sample that is not in contact with water at a certain rate of pressure increase. The static method determines the hydrostatic resistance of the material by testing for water infiltration under a certain hydrostatic pressure and maintaining the pressure on the sample for a certain period of time.

The simple way to evaluate the test results of the hydrostatic pressure tester is to read the test results on the digital display, write them down and evaluate them manually. Of course, you can also choose to connect the hydrostatic pressure resistance tester to a PC, transfer the test results to the PC via data cable, and use evaluation software to prepare and evaluate the results tests, which eliminatese all reading, writing and assessment work. and associated errors. At the same time, the PC can also produce a comprehensive test report, including statistical analysis of test results; In addition, test results can also be stored on disk to facilitate the selection of different standards for future long-term evaluation. In addition, multiple devices can be connected to the PC at the same time, test results obtained from any device can be manually entered into the PC using the keyboard. The computer can process test results from six data sources simultaneously and archive them together. The evaluation software transforms the computer into a complete data processing system for the testing laboratory.